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  1. @homer thanks for the advice! It's very much appreciated!
  2. lol I met he passed the bar and can practice in two states. Although I realize that's not at all relevant to his situation in Canada.
  3. Note: I posted this in the law students forum, but am reposting it here as it makes more sense in this one. I am not a lawyer, but I am married to one and I work in a closely related field. I am looking for advice on legal opportunities because of my husband. He's American (but now a Canadian permanent resident) and I am Canadian. We met and married right after I got out of grad school in the US. He's bared in two states and has been for 5 years. He's got about 3 years of document review experience and over 2 years of litigation experience mainly in family law (but has also done a lot of estate planning). We decided we wanted to move to Canada for a whole host of reasons, the main one being we felt it was better for raising a family. Anyways, I got a good job in Ottawa (about 80K in the private sector), we bought a house and moved. My husbands wrote and passed all required NCA exams and he is exempt from articling. He has just written the bar in March and we are obviously hopeful that he's passed. It is by far easiest for us to stay in Ottawa because we already have a house, my family is close by, and I will have opportunities to move into a government job for about the same salary. However, I am pregnant and I am due in September which makes things a lot more rushed. The pregnancy is something we are excited about, but it obviously puts a lot of pressure on my husband to find a law job as soon as he possibly can. I also recognize that my husbands has/will go through a lot to get licensed here, and I really want him to have the best possible opportunity for his career. His career is obviously our priority. So my question is, for a lawyer with his background who has somewhat of a hurry to find a legal role where is the market or need for lawyers the highest? Is it up north in Ontario? Just as an aside, the cost of living/salary is important to us because he still has law school loans to pay back, and therefore we have every intention of staying away from the GTA because of its high cost of living. 
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