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  1. Nothing off the top of my head, mental health was wild during undergrad @[email protected]
  2. How are my fellow little to no extracurricular comrades attacking this issue on the application? Anyone know how much of an impact this will have on apps? My scores are pretty decent (173 lsat/3.5 cgpa) but I'm a little concerned about the total lack of extracurriculars cutting deep.
  3. Hey all, Was hoping for some input on this as I've seen contradictory things and could use some advice. I've lived in Ontario my whole life and for various reasons am going almost certainly going to want to practice in Ontario after I finish schooling. I am however sick and tired of this place, and would love to spend the three years of law school in the glorious place that is British Columbia. I'm 99% sure I have the grades/lsat to get into UBC, but is it advisable to go to school across the country from where I plan to practice? I luckily have some sort of network here in Ontario already (Friend's family has a close relationship with a firm that operates in the exact field of law I'll likely be practicing in) but I'd rather not rely on that and would like some input. Thanks in advance, sorry if this topic has been beaten to death but I'm either a moron or searching things is kinda hard here. .
  4. I'll likely take you up on this in a few months time, thanks a bunch!
  5. Hey that actually helps a lot! I already have a decent idea of how I'm going to write my PS and it involves a very similar angle as what you're suggesting, which is a big relief. Thanks a lot for the response, it's super nice to see someone in a similar position that got into a school like Osgoode. Congratulations on your acceptance!
  6. To be honest I thought UBC was out of my reach, so I didn't even consider it. I think I'm going to drop so I have a shot at UBC, would like nothing more than to spend my law school years in that beautiful province. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Oh man you think so? Even if I don't manage to withdraw this class pulling me down? I would quite literally be happy with any single one of those (minus alberta, don't wanna live there haha). That's definitely doing my anxious self wonders. Thanks a lot!
  8. So if I don't get the retroactive withdrawal from the class I'm doing really poorly in, I think the worst possible result I could have is: cGPA: 3.39, L2: 3.52 , B3: 3.54 . Should I withdraw from this course, the worst possible result I can have is: cGPA: 3.45, L2: 3.67, B3: 3.7 Thanks for the reply!
  9. None taken. I know my LSAT is exceptional, I'm just worried that: a) having a course load of 4 classes per term this year will knock me out of even being looked at for Western. b) The reduction in grades this year will look really bad on me, as it coming after such a good year in 3rd year will make me look unstable. c) whether pushing for the retroactive withdrawal in that one course would or wouldn't be better than just taking the horrendous mark I'm going to come out with. Maybe I have no reason to be worried and this just looks like me trying to flex my LSAT, but I assure you that's not my intention. I've had a really rough year and am one big ball of anxiety right now.
  10. My last 6 PT's before the real thing were all either 169 or 168. Actual score was 173, it's possible!
  11. Hi all, I had an amazing 3rd year at school where I ended with a 3.9 gpa for the year, but some mental issues that have been simmering for a long time came to the fore in this final year and my GPA suffered significantly. Last term I withdrew from a course mid term to reduce the load to 4, and if I don't withdraw from one that's been disastrous this term (literally because I stayed in bed for a solid 2 weeks and got 60% late marks deducted from the final paper) I'll be finishing with an L2 grade of 3.48-3.55. Should I go for and achieve a retroactive withdrawal, which lets me withdraw without failure, I'll have an L2 GPA ~3.7, but my final year will be completed with only 4 classes per term and two withdraws on the record. Personally my two top schools are Western and Queens (in that order) and while it seems I'll be fine with 4 classes per term at Queens, the only info I see on the Western FAQ is that a full course load is "5.0 full or equivalent courses over the academic year". Does anyone know what this entails? 2.5 courses per term seems way too low and that's what I'm deriving from "academic year", while if the meaning is 5 courses for term that basically means I'm screwed for UWO. Also, any general advice on if the retroactive withdraw is worth seeking out would be appreciated. I got pretty lucky with the LSAT (thank god) but I'm worried I've managed to hurt my gpa enough to not get into my schools. Thanks in advance!
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