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  1. If OLSAS isn't updated within 24 hours or less after you recieve the offer on OASIS, then I'm sorry to say that your offer was almost certainly mistakenly sent out and will promptly be retracted. (Just kidding)
  2. YAY 81.3% cGPA (confirmed by UBC) 173 LSAT Index: 92.73 (self calculated) Ontario applicant
  3. Read my comment again. The diagnostic resulted in 12 wrong in that section, while I only got 2 wrong on the actual LSAT.
  4. I purchased 25 hours of tutoring with Yoni at HarvardReady, I HIGHLY recommend him. I struggled a lot with logic games at the beginning but after all the tutoring, I ended up getting -2 on logic games during the real test. It was something like -12 on my diagnostic.
  5. Can't recall if it's always been there or not either, but there's definitely a number there now. Leaning towards it being a new phenomena.
  6. And yet, I'll still mindlessly check my application status every day.
  7. I applied november 20th and got told I was in first round 6 days later. I would be surprised if anyone that applied wasn't in the running for a first round offer.
  8. In addition, UBC seems to be incredibly efficient with their turn around times from application to review, so I wouldn't worry about your application not being reviewed until January. If you have the stats to get in, you'll get in. Good luck!
  9. I'm from Ontario! I had similar concerns, especially since I saw "go where you want to practice" repeated like a mantra on this forum. However, I went to a dinner recently where 4 succesful lawyers were in attendance, one of them being relatively high up the food chain at miller thomson (won't specify further in case he/she prefers not to be known), and literally every single one of them said that I should go to UBC if thats where I think I would be happiest. They said it would be a little more effort making sure Ontario firms that don't set up camp at UBC know who I am but it's not a big deal. I later went and spoke to a professor at my undergrad institution that has his JD (or LLB I think it was when he graduated) and he told me to absolutely do UBC if I think that's where I'll be happiest. All of them made it seem as if Toronto jobs will be no issue if you have the capability to acquire them. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll answer as they answered them to me (if they did in fact answer them). tl;dr west coast best coast see you there!
  10. Emailed and got a response in 45 minutes. Also in first round! 81.3 gpa/173 lsat if it helps. Thanks for the thread op!
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