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  1. Hi! 1. It's difficult to assess this considering I haven't had the opportunity to live off campus in Vancouver. I am generally content, but sometimes I do wish I lived downtown since all our classes are zoom anyway. I imagine I'll appreciate campus living much more next year when I'm commuting to class. 2. I received an offer in December and I applied for residence in may. I got a spot for June. It took a few applications, but it was one particular building that didn't work out after multiple applications while I got in to a different building with a single application. Let me know if you have any other questions or want more detail/clarification.
  2. Hi OP! I'm a current 1L at Allard and I made the move from ON to BC, currently living on campus. Feel free to ask me anything you think I can help with.
  3. I spent 25 hours with him and our time together was hugely beneficial for me. While I spent the vast majority of my time with him learning LG, the 3-4 hours we spent on RC was extremely helpful. I'd definitely recommend him for RC.
  4. Is a life sized chicken just a regular chicken or have the chicken corporations been pulling a fast one on me?
  5. Hah I remember how excited I was for dinner and drinks after Allard law day. I'll be moving to Vancouver sometime in the latter half of June, super down to get a social group going.
  6. You'll likely find more success posting on the articling students/lawyers or law students boards. Just scroll down a little from the lawstudents.ca homepage and you'll see them. This board (law school applicants) exists exclusively for us 0L's to lose our minds on. ...I'll take any summaries you have though
  7. In the extremely likely chance that I go, I'll make a thread closer to the date and we'll get something organized for sure. So excited to meet the people I'll be spending the next 3 years in the trenches with!
  8. I'm an Ontario resident and I'm strongly leaning towards going. A little disappointed it's only two hours, but hopefully some other attendees will be down to get dinner/drinks afterwards. I'm going to use the opportunity to tour some prospective housing options as well.
  9. I dropped a course in the first term of 4th year and got accepted.
  10. First and foremost, Congratulations! Don't sweat it. If they said you'll be getting an offer, the email will be forthcoming. In the highly unlikely case that something went wrong, just shoot them an email sometime next week. Your spot will be reserved until the deadline in mid march so you're not at risk of losing it or anything.
  11. I highly recommend Yoni. I personally struggled a lot with logic games but I had them down pat after our 25 hours together. It's always possible that his style works with some and not others, but that money was some of the best I've ever spent.
  12. I took a course at harvard ready and was also tutored there. I would say put the money you would spend on the class into tutoring. The problem with a class is that there's a set pace that it moves at. Tutoring is focussed on you and you alone. I gained much more from the tutoring than the course, and I believe they were around the same price.
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