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  1. I can’t speak to the legal market in Ottawa - but I do have a suggestion, picking up on his doc review experience — it may be worthwhile looking into in house positions with corportations or accounting firms who have a need for lawyers to conduct doc review. I have an old colleague of mine (canada grad) who left law for a couple of years + then returned. He found a doc review position with Deloitte and spent a few years there before transitioning back into private practice. Might be something worthwhile to look into + expand his seach. However - my colleague is in torotno and like i said idk much about the ottawa market but i cant imagine why similar positions, outside the bounds of a traditional legal market (ie firms/ gov) wouldn’t exist
  2. That is totally fair - I get that. I did not think of that possibility and thus thought obviously I am asking re: my own experience
  3. I get providing context - that is totally fair. I do think though that perhaps wide-eyed applicants are most in need of hearing real on the ground experiences.
  4. I really did think these were fair questions + wanted to have an open discussion for my benefit and perhaps for others. It is sad when some regular posters’ intentions seem to always be attacking as opposed to offering genuine insight - which is what i though the point behind this anon forum was.
  5. I did not know I needed to explicitly state reasons to post on this forum - I ask because I am a young associate myself and I want to hear more from women who’ve been doing it longer. i want to hear their genuine experience without being sugarcoated for workplace formalities. As a woman on Bay St myself I find myself wondering what makes YOU assume we’re not? 3-5 years were in brackets as an example. Personally, that is my experience. I am asking how to balance killing it at work, as I try, and having quality time with my husband. I want to hear Senior Associates + Partners’ with children experience Reality is, on Bay, there are women, like me (thats what makes me assume), who want to make Partner and want to start a family and who may also be of colour and are more likely prone to code switch often. Side note though (I’ve been reading your comments on the forum for a while) I dont believe you’re on Bay St + I am certainly not interested in your male partner’s experience, so I don’t understand why you’re commenting in a manner clearly intending to undermine the purpose of my post.
  6. Hi Everyone, I want to hear about young associates’ experience and observations as females navigating Bay St. How are you feeling within the current culture on the street? What would you change about it? How do you get ahead? How do you balance busting your ass to get on partner track and wanting to start a family (in 3-5 years). Have you noticed yourself code switching in the board / court room? Thanks
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