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  1. Hey, as my first-year of university is coming to a close it looks like I'm gonna be finishing somewhere within the range of 3.56-3.68. My average was about 83%, yet because I bombed stats (72) and will likely do the same with Linear Algebra (currently a a 79) my overall GPA dropped a lot. However, I did reasonably well on every other course this year (83-87%). Obviously, I won't be taking any more math courses past this year. And from now on all the classes I will be taking will be in fields that I generally excel in. Moreover, I have decent extra-curriculars and I plan to start doing some LSAT prep this summer. Should I be worried about these two shitty marks reducing my admission chances? Will a somewhat shitty first-year GPA significantly reduce my chances of getting into schools like UBC, Queens and Osgoode law? For reference, I'm currently doing a BA at UWO. Any responses would be appreciated!
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