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  1. Ahh good question. I've always had an interest in law, but I went into undergrad with a totally different career path in mind. I realized I hated it, and switched, and then realized law was a great choice. Also, what can I say. I'm not a bullshit artist. I like money, and I hate being broke. I am sick of working low wage menial jobs. I need an intellectual challenge. And I need some decent money. I want to save enough to get into some hobbies I'm interested in. I wish I could say I was genuinely going into law for some elevated reason, but I would be lying. Im here to find a successful career, save some money, and feel great doing it because I actually get challenged at work. So yeah, that's where I'm coming from.
  2. Accepted today. Applied general. cGPA 3.70 L2 3.92 LSAT 157 Tough decision between Queens and Western. Leaning towards Queems.
  3. Waitlisted yesterday. Not too surprised, given my weak stats. CGPA 3.7 L2 3.92 LSAT 157 Will probably just accept my offer to Western
  4. Man that's a tough question. Technically speaking, law school is already plan B as I had initially gone to school for Urban Planning. Plan C would be to do a PhD in history. If that wasn't possible I'd play poker professionally.
  5. Never thought it would happen but got the email today! Couldn't be happier. 3.7 CGPA 3.91 L2 157 LSAT Think my reference letters were solid. No remarkable experiences IMO. Glad to be in.
  6. Just got the email. 157 3.7/4.0 3.91 L2
  7. Just wondering if anyone else hasn't heard anything back yet? I know they send offered as late as June. However, my status remains blank and I have not received any emails. For reference, I submitted all my documents about 1 month before the deadline. GPA 3.7 L2 3.91 LSAT 157 I thought I'd have at least been waitlisted by now.
  8. Got an offer today. Likely not accepting. 156,157 LSAT 3.71 CGPA 3.92 L2
  9. Accepted a few days ago. 3.71 CGPA 3.9 L2 156, 157 LSAT Not planning to accept.
  10. I know my lsat is pretty weak, but is there any chance that my gpa compensate ls for it?
  11. I imagine that my LSAT is extremely borderline but is there any chance that my GPA would make up for it?
  12. I'll be honest, I didn't really follow any study plans. I started by doing a few timed PT's and averaged around 153. I realized my weak point was logic games. I was unable to complete more than 2 games. I had previously acquired the 3 Bible's plus a few LSAC books and other practice tests. So I spent the first month reading the LG bible and focused almost entirely on improving LG. I studied about 5 hours/day 6 days a week. I went from about -15 to -9. The second month of study, I focused on LR and RC. Read the books and did all the tests I could (maybe 20 in total) trying to apply the methods in the book. I found the LR book also helped me improve my LG. The final 2 weeks before the July LSAT I spent taking tests and not studying too hard. The week before writing I was scoring 159-161. I ended up getting a 156 despite bombing the RC and will rewrite in Oct.
  13. Just got a 156 LSAT. Kind of unsure what to do. Im wondering what my chances are at schools like Queens, Western, Calgary, Alberta, Osgoode? My goal was a 157 as I felt I'd have a decent chance of getting in. Anything less I'd re-write. However, I dont really want to cancel my score as it's so close to my target and maybe I'll do worse. But this means paying $300 to write something I could do for free. Should I just keep the 156 and pay up?
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