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  1. I received an invite via email yesterday to the Alumni & Awards Reception in Toronto for the Dual JD program. I just wanted to know if anybody here will be attending?
  2. Just got the email around 4:30pm today. I’m ecstatic - really didn’t know if I would get in with my low stats. cGPA 3.2 LSAT 159 Lots of ECs, and strong reference letters. Will be accepting.
  3. It's nice to know that people are on the same boat as I am - I just called them and they confirmed that my application was sent to ad com for review on April 5, even though it still shows up as Incomplete on the UWin site. Oh well. I'll just wait for an email. Thanks everyone.
  4. I received an email from Debbie from the UWin registrar saying that they didn't receive my LSAT (because there was some sort of glitch with OUAC connecting my LSAC account), and then when that was sorted Debbie emailed me saying that my application had been sent to ad com for review. What's weird is that my application status on the UWin site still says Incomplete... not sure if I should call them about it or not.
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