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  1. Not sure if this helps, I was admitted to the French Common Law program awhile back and responded in OLSAS with conditional acceptance as I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. I had until June 3rd to give a firm response, which I opted to request a deferral (successfully) my studies for another year. All this to say, there are still spots which will open up in the coming days as applicants firmly accept, reject or defer their studies. The deadline for a FIRM response was only days ago therefore I would expect another wave of acceptances, rejections and the waitlist to form shortly. Let me know if this helps in any ways.
  2. Accepted on the 4th to the French Common Law and PDC programs. CGPA: ~ 3.5 - 3.55 L2: ~ 3.7 Great EC and LOR, no LSAT, uOttawa tailored PS
  3. Bonjour! Accepté hier pour le JD en Français et le PDC. CGPA: 7.3 (3.4 - 3.5 ish) | L2 GPA: 8.0 (3.7) | No LSAT score
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