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  1. I had the same concern last cycle after reading the Calendar and spoke with Laura at Admissions to confirm their policy. Unless things have changed from last cycle (and I see no indication as such - the Calendar you refer to is dated 2015), Laura confirmed that they use the last 60 credits of your pre-law academic record to determine your Admissions GPA, and that it does not matter whether they are from a Maters or Undergrad program. I agree that the wording in the Calendar is misleading, and even the Admissions website (link below) does not clearly state how graduate/post-graduate grades are taken into consideration. https://www.ualberta.ca/law/programs/jd/admissions At the end of the day, I recommend that the OP do their homework and, if they don’t trust the authority of anonymous posters such as us (😊), they should call Admissions themselves. I can attest that they are lovely people and very helpful.
  2. First, congrats on a strong Undergrad GPA and respectable LSAT score! However, because of your MA GPA, I hate to say that your chances at the U of A appear to be slim to none. The U of A Admissions is notoriously numbers-based and the following formula is a decent predictor for receiving an offer: GPA x 22.5 + LSAT = 242 or higher. It appears that your MA GPA would pull your index score too far down. The U of A calculates your GPA based on your last 60 credits of post-secondary - in your case, your MA and likely some of your BA (see the link below for further details). Even if your MA was only 30 credits and your last 30 (or so) BA credits were 4.0, your calculated index would still fall too far below 242 to be competitive. I suggest that you peruse the link below and the U of A “Accepted” thread to do your own calculations and predictions. You may find it more worthwhile to focus your applications to schools that use Masters grades as a “soft” factor. It may also save you $100 and a whole lot of heartache! Good luck!
  3. My advice is to take a look at the post below to get an idea of how the U of A “admission index” works (I use quotations because, to my knowledge, the calculation is based on an analysis of previous years’ data and is not officially endorsed by the school). Key points: (1) In general, your GPA is calculated using your last 60 credits from recognized post-secondary programs, and there are no time constraints (e.g. some of my 15 year old scores from Undergrad were considered). In your case, it looks like your 32 Masters credits and some Undergrad would be considered. The post below explains the U of A grade conversion table and how many of your Undergrad credits would be considered. (2) The index formula is GPA x 22.5 + LSAT where a score of 242 or higher is likely to receive an offer of admission. (GPA x 22 + LSAT = 240 or higher has also been tossed around). https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/57938-determining-your-l2lsatindex-score/ Like you, I was an “experienced” applicant and I can honestly say that I did not feel that my age was a factor. That said, don’t underestimate the value of your experience. If you are worried that your index is weak, I suggest putting extra effort into your Personal Statement to demonstrate that you have the ability to succeed in the study and practice of law. A cursory search of this forum will show that my index was a measly 238.9/237.1 - I am convinced that my PS was a crucial element of my application file. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. P.S. Mods - can the conversation referenced here be pinned for the upcoming admissions cycle?
  4. I noticed that USask deadline for submitting final transcripts is 1 June, so I suspect Admissions is holding off on the next (final?) batch of offers until all application files are complete. I have no idea what the deadline was last year, though, so not sure how this year’s timeline compares to last. Nevertheless, it’s a slooooow process indeed!
  5. My guess is there could be some movement the first week of June after the 1 June deadline for the second deposit. Maybe a handful throughout June/early July if people get an offer from their preferred school (some schools are accepting Winter 2019 grades and/or haven’t finished reviewing all of their application files). But this is pure speculation... U of A waitlist is notoriously stagnant (if my memory serves, only one person on this forum was offered a position off the waitlist last year), so these factors may not be terribly relevant.
  6. I received an offer on 4 Apr and, at the time, assumed it was as part of the second round of offers. However, because some people on the waitlist have comparable/better index than me (3.73, 155), I asked Laura whether I was admitted under the holistic category. I got the following response: ”We do not share the process in which you were admitted to the Law program.” All this to say that I don’t know whether or not the holistic round has occurred. Although admissions seems to be playing their proverbial cards close to their chest this year, it couldn’t hurt to ask them...
  7. I’m so excited to finally post in an Acceptance thread! L2 - 3.73 (unconfirmed) LSAT - 155 Looks like the second round has officially begun.
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