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  1. My guess is there could be some movement the first week of June after the 1 June deadline for the second deposit. Maybe a handful throughout June/early July if people get an offer from their preferred school (some schools are accepting Winter 2019 grades and/or haven’t finished reviewing all of their application files). But this is pure speculation... U of A waitlist is notoriously stagnant (if my memory serves, only one person on this forum was offered a position off the waitlist last year), so these factors may not be terribly relevant.
  2. I received an offer on 4 Apr and, at the time, assumed it was as part of the second round of offers. However, because some people on the waitlist have comparable/better index than me (3.73, 155), I asked Laura whether I was admitted under the holistic category. I got the following response: ”We do not share the process in which you were admitted to the Law program.” All this to say that I don’t know whether or not the holistic round has occurred. Although admissions seems to be playing their proverbial cards close to their chest this year, it couldn’t hurt to ask them...
  3. I’m so excited to finally post in an Acceptance thread! L2 - 3.73 (unconfirmed) LSAT - 155 Looks like the second round has officially begun.
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