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  1. The deadline for CEGEP students to open/create an application is March 1st, and the deadline for them to submit all of their supporting documents is March 7th.
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I suggested that I had good extracurriculars/volunteer experience when I wrote that my CV was really good. Also, I don't think they would've called me in for an interview had I not had good extracurriculars/volunteer experience (grades wouldn't be enough to get an interview). I don't want to specifically list them out, because then people might know which CEGEP I'm coming from and I would like to maintain a greater level of anonymity on this website. I have a lot of fears. What if I don't maintain a really high GPA? What if my personal statement still isn't good enough when I re-apply? I feel like it's going to be much more difficult to compete with other university applicants (from all around the world) than it would be to compete with CEGEP students in Quebec. And although my French may be good, I don't think it's good enough for me to go to a French language law school in Quebec. I think I would be at a great disadvantage if I did so. I also don't want to go out-of-province and accumulate tens of thousands of dollars in debt. McGill Law is pretty much my only option, and I really want to get in. Also, do you find that those who are coming from CEGEP have a lot more difficulty doing well at McGill law? I've read some posts on here saying that they do, and others that say they don't. And do you know of any law students who came from CEGEP who were able to find jobs elsewhere (e.g. Toronto or Vancouver) once they had graduated?
  3. Hi, I'm a CEGEP applicant who received an interview in April and was rejected soon after. I applied with a 35.1 R-Score (above the average). My CV was really good, and I believe my references were good too. I'm assuming the reason why I got rejected was that my personal statement was probably not as strong as those of other applicants, and also my interview did not go so well. However, I didn't think my interview was so bad that they would reject me; I thought I would get waitlisted. My rejection letter was pretty generic (didn't tell me what was particularly wrong with my application, just told me to re-apply in the future). I came across a post on here of a rejected university applicant who called the admissions office to find out more on why he/she was rejected, and he/she was given some advice and tips on how to improve their application. I tried calling the admissions office to get a more specific answer as to why I was rejected (e.g. was it my personal statement or solely the interview?), but I was told that they couldn't tell me anything about it. I'm really devasted. I'm considering re-applying as a CEGEP candidate next March (while I'm in my first year of university), and so I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on how to improve my application (particularly my personal statement) and if they know anything about the likelihood of me getting in. Please don't write to simply answer the questions "Why Law," "Why You," and "Why McGill," because I did that and it wasn't good enough. I would appreciate more specific tips. I'm also considering applying when I'm almost done my undergraduate degree, but I would much rather try to get into McGill's law school earlier than that if possible. Another thing... was it weird that I was never asked a French question during my interview? I'm an Anglo, btw. I provided some indicators in my application that I'm pretty good in French, but I've talked to Francophone CEGEP candidates who were asked French questions during their interview (along with questions in English)... I've been sad thinking how this may have been one of the reasons why I was rejected. The admissions office first told me that it was mandatory for professors to ask French questions, and later said it wasn't when I told him/her that I was never asked any French questions 😕 Ngl, the person I was speaking to seemed really confused and was contradicting everything he/she was saying, so if you guys know anyone else I could contact for help at McGill, please let me know. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hi, for those of you who received an offer of admission, how long did you have to accept it? Like what was the deadline for it? And for the offers made after May 1st, does anyone know up until when students will have to accept? I'm assuming they will be sending out more offers within the next two weeks (since round 2 of interviews will be over by then), and I'm curious to know how much time people will be given to make a decision...
  5. What do you mean by "their application was received after"? Aren't all applications received after the deadline canceled?
  6. This might be a stupid question, but does anyone know why they do two rounds of interviews, instead of just one? 😕 Do you know how many people were interviewed in the first round? How many in the second? Also, @Qwaser29 , would you be able to share what kinds of questions they asked you in relation to current events/the news? Were they general questions or specific? Oh, and what program are you in?
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