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  1. Waitlisted as well tonight.
  2. Sorry to hear that! Do you have a sask connection?
  3. Congrats! How long do you have to accept?
  4. They haven’t sent out wait list offers yet, nobody has posted anything yet so I highly doubt the class is full and the fb group is only 58 students.
  5. So strange how waitlist emails haven’t even been sent out yet. They seem to have been sent out a lot earlier in previous years.
  6. Yes they let students know if they are rejected. All decisions are meant to go out by end of June.
  7. Who else is still waiting? Any idea of when we can hear back by? It look like they are behind on waitlist emails and rejection emails.
  8. Congrats!! Does the letter give you the link to the facebook page? Just trying to get an estimate of the class size right now.
  9. I am still waiting. Three more weeks till classes start so there is still a possibility.
  10. For anyone still waiting, I called the college of law and was told that no offers will be sent out till August 6, 2019 and the class is not yet full.
  11. Does anyone have any idea as to how many people could be on the waitlist? Or if alot of people have been accepted in previous years off of the waitlist? The Facebook group only has about 65 members right now so it could potentially mean that all of the seats aren't taken up yet.
  12. Did they just ask you today if you would like to be considered for the waitlist or were you officially put on the waitlist today?
  13. Did you receive official waitlist letter or did they ask you if you wish to be considered for the waitlist?
  14. Most likely because you are not a Sask resident. Your stats are really good! If you boost your lsat by a couple points, I am sure you will have much better luck next year!
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