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  1. @Euroguy18 The waitlist won't be ranked this year, just like last year.
  2. I confirmed, but they haven't replied back yet.
  3. This is probably the biggest shocker. Did you get confirmation that they'd be assessing you as a second-year applicant?
  4. Weird. For percentage schools (UBC and Western), they convert your L2 percentage to a straight GPA calculation. 80 would translate to a 3.5. If they have to dip into a past term, it might even drop lower. Might explain it.
  5. This is an incredibly strange cycle at U of A.
  6. Wow. Did you confirm your GPA with them?
  7. How competitive is this cycle compared to the past few (3-4) cycles? I know that this question is speculative, as we don't have much in the way of hard facts/figures and are somewhat limited in terms of who (accepted, rejected, waitlisted) decides to post, what they post, the accuracy of calculations, etc., but broad/general insights, particularly from veteran forum members, would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. One of my friends completed a fifth year after graduation (all 200-level courses and above) and had those grades included in U of A's GPA calculation. I think U of A's definition of "senior" is second year and above. See here as well: https://calendar.ualberta.ca/content.php?catoid=6&navoid=971 –– "For the purposes of program descriptions and prerequisite designation, courses numbered 100-199 are designated as Junior Courses and courses numbered 200-499 are designated as Senior Courses."
  9. That's a perfectly fine cGPA well within the admission range of most schools. Paired with a competitive LSAT (160+), you should be in a good position. Try to get some really solid references, and make sure that your PS is perfect. Also, nice name.
  10. Has anyone with confirmed stats in the last row of the student profile (3.9 and 151–52, 3.8 and 153–54, 3.7 and 155–56, etc.) been accepted yet?
  11. Reiterating the above, any increase above 170 is unlikely to help your application that much, except for index schools like U of A, UBC, U Vic, and Manitoba and for American schools. Don't worry about the LSAT anymore and work on perfecting your personal statement and other materials.
  12. Does this apply to all residences on campus? How about grad residence, which is prioritized for grad students?
  13. Do you know if applying early (i.e., January) helps?
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