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  1. I will be interested to see if Ontario enacts legislation mandating mask usage in public in order to reopen businesses/etc. sooner. I am not keen on paying the U of T premium to take classes online.
  2. Like Equinox or like the TAC? Also: worth it?
  3. For Queen's, do you have to sign up for SOLUS in order to receive an offer?
  4. It must be fate that I stumbled back upon this thread before submitting! Much appreciated @Ryn
  5. The deadline is 23:59 on Nov 1. What I'm curious about for anyone who has submitted to OLSAS before: does the server get overloaded on Nov 1st?
  6. On OLSAS you can enter future test dates in the LSAT section.
  7. How would you define "performance considerations"?
  8. True. I've read some conflicting advice on discussing bad grades/etc in the personal statement itself. Some say don't waste your space on it; others say ignoring it would be a red flag. In my PS I focussed 100% on strengths/successes, so I thought I might include an explanation of the bad grades in part B. But I don't want to be wasting the adcom's time if they're only looking for big-ticket excuses... Mine would be more about what I've learned from/how I've grown academically since my first year. I'm not fudging a narrative, because I have progressed since then and have the transcript to prove it, but my explanation isn't going to be like "I killed a man in Reno, did 12 years in Folsom, caught a steamship to Senegal, walked across the Sahara desert, discovered a secret tomb, then travelled back in time to prevent the Boer War--and that's why I wasn't so hot on the books in freshman year."
  9. Also sorry to hijack this thread, but am wondering: can one use the part B 'performance considerations' to emphasize a significant upward trend in GPA even if you don't have a good reason for initial poor performance in university?
  10. Sorry to dredge up this thread, but I had a pertinent question: Should you include jobs that didn't quite work out on your biographical sketch? I'm just wondering if in the event a verifier is contacted, will they be asked about anything other than the applicant's record of employment?
  11. Overall I think I am at a decent length considering what few ECs/etc I have to work with (~4900c overall with specific school comments removed). But I feel like my submission for Osgoode's Part 1 section 2 is a little gaunt (~1000c where maximum is 2000). I don't want to pad this section with too much speculation or waxing about how such-and-such a field of law will be fulfilling, but am also concerned about saying too little. Any insight is appreciated.
  12. I'd be interested to hear more about these personalities!
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