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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/25hzskn2fx04uu6/0GGm4OHltB/1L Summaries?fbclid=IwAR0bwPXBzE4joI-NPLjYZGFP7KJVhzE6vP9UKakIEvtzo_KNMgM1S7heDyY
  2. I'm sure it differs depending on the firm, and i have a feeling some firms may look at one's performance in particular courses. To what extent do extracurriculars and undergrad grades impact prospects? How about networking? Any insight would be appreciated. If you could share the grades you and/or people you know had and the firms that gave you OCI invitations, and ultimately offers, that would be great. Thanks in advance, homies.
  3. Hey guys, Incoming 1L here. Looking for a place to rent, either a bachelors or 1 bedroom suite. The closer to the law school the better. Hoping to not spend more than 1000 on rent per month. Reccomendations? Maybe also some places to stay away from? When is the best time to start looking around? General rent advice? P.S. I’ll likely have a car, but apparently im not advised to take it to school lol. Appreciate your help in advance.
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