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  1. hahaha, I'll hold you to that. Thanks for your input.
  2. Awesome, thanks for the example. Yeah I would be surprised if I got a rejection from them, but it's 2020 so I'm not taking anything for granted.
  3. Thank you, I hope so! Good question with a stupid answer: I'm impatient and would rather not pay for another year of undergrad if i can avoid it. If I don't get into U of T or Osgoode I'll probably do the 4th year and reapply for next cycle (but I'm thinking/hoping I've got a good shot at Osgoode). I plan to practice in Canada, so I'm not super interested in going to law school in the US. But that's a good point, thank you!
  4. I actually withdrew from April and registered for July 2020 instead. As for how, my worst section was logic games by far, so there was room for improvement. I did lots of drilling and timed PT's once or twice a week. The LG bible was pretty helpful, but my score really started to improve when I subscribed to the LSAT demon. I found their instructors really suited my learning style; I was stuck in the high 160's until I subscribed to it. I highly recommend it!
  5. What do you think, is the LSAT a significant enough factor that I could squeeze in despite the 3 year degree? From what I've seen from previous posts, being admitted on a 3 year degree is extremely rare and my GPA is below median. If anyone knows someone or is someone who was admitted to U of T on a 3 year I would appreciate your input. My extracurriculars are average (lots of them, but nothing impressive). I think my essays are okay - I made sure they were well written, but I didn't have a particularly exciting story to tell. Thanks in advance.
  6. Looks like it’s live now, I was able to apply last night
  7. Hey, thanks for the tips! glad to hear Khan worked for you, I’ll be using that and the bibles for most of my studying.
  8. Wow congratulations! Thank you for sharing, hope I can pull off something similar.
  9. Hi everyone! I just finished my cold diagnostic and I got a 156. My test is in April, and I'm curious as to what my goal should be with 6 months of study time. Is 165 doable? I understand everyone is different, but I would love to hear your experiences regarding study time and improvement in score after your initial practice test. Thanks!
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