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  1. I'm #27 off the waitlist moved from #52, for anyone who wants to know
  2. Accepted off the waitlist, I will be declining.
  3. They wouldn't confirm my index but it could partly be because I had some exchange credits which may have messed with the GPA calculation. and 161 isn't a killer score to make up for any shortcomings if the GPA is what I think it is
  4. Self calculated! I may call in next week and confirm if I haven't heard about position on the waitlist.
  5. Just called in, confirmed on the waitlist. They let me know that the waitlist is not ranked yet. Index 91.54
  6. Same answer, on the waitlist and will find out position in May. My index is 897.5
  7. Accepted, received email from Rose this morning! Account status not yet updated. GPA on 4.33 - 3.9 (84%) LSAT - 161 (3rd writing in Jan 2019) BC resident, references are from lawyers at PPI firm where I work as an LAA.
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