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  1. This. Security can take some time, especially based on your required security level clearance.
  2. I’m also curious about this. I went to a civil law school in Quebec but did my Ontario bar (did a joint llb-jd program). Would like to get my Quebec bar done at some point as well.
  3. I wrote the exams this summer. Pros were that it was probably a lot less stressful writing at home than it would have been in a big hanger with a bunch of other stressed out students. Also nice to have a significantly shorter exam than they normally are. Cons include the fact that we had less time per question than we would have had in the pre-covid setting. Definitely added some stress there. Also the risk of technology failing also added to the nerves. I did pass both on the first shot so I am definitely relieved the process is over. All in all, and without having ever written 'in person', I think the online experience is likely "less stressful". I'm pretty certain the info I included in this post is openly available online, so I don't think I contravened any rules in regards to the info I mentioned.
  4. I lived in residence during my undergrad days (so I moved out at 18). I moved back with my parents during the last months of law school (when covid started) and would have been moving to a different city for my articling job, had the pandemic ended. However, since I am articling remotely, I am still living with them in order to save money and will likely be living at home with them until at least the Spring of 2021. Demographics-wise I am basically white and 30. While its not the 'norm' in my community, it seems like a lot of people I know are doing like me and living with their parents during articling because of CoVid.
  5. Pass/Pass!! SO RELIEVED AS WELL!! Congrats to my fellow future jurists who also passed!!! And again, if you didn't, please do NOT give up! These exams do not reflect your capabilities as lawyers. You can and will do it next time!! edit: Seriously when I saw that message come in I thought I was going to die from the anticipation!
  6. Hey there, I realize this answer is coming a while after you posted but in case it can be of any help, I also did a 1 year jd after completing an LLB (not at uOttawa though). Under non-covid circumstances, you can certainly participate in the formal recruit (as well as acquire Ontario articling jobs) but if you were hoping to participate in the recruit cycle with the intention of beginning your articling in summer 2021, I THINK it is too late (at least you would be in non-CoVid circumstances. Not sure if the recruit cycle in Ontario is still open for applicants). As for out-of-cycle applications for articling, you can definitely apply, that is basically how I got my articling job (since I was too late for both OCI's and the recruit cycles). Assuming you did a joint JD-LLB, the Ottawa market is certainly your best bet I would say.
  7. Hey there. Not with the PPSC or Dep of Justice but I am articling with the feds (figured I'd share my 2 cents worth since you mentioned federal articling positions in the title). My experience has been as great as it can be I'd say, honestly. I really like the team I work for and the workload has been very manageable. I also find that my 'superiors' make a great effort to check in with me given that we are limited to discussions via video chat. I'd certainly rather be articling in person but given the circumstances, it's as good as it can be I would say. And my articling was 'delayed' a bit (maybe a month), but that was more due to some things being closed down and unable to process my information. My hope for now is that I'll be able to at least 'finish' my articling in person, but we'll see what happens
  8. Pour l'udes je pense que t'as des chances. Pour 2020 la cote-r minimum était de 29,5 mais l'uni t'accorde des points si t'as déjà fait un bac (et encore + de point si t'as fait une maitrise aussi) - j'ai des amis (moi aussi d'ailleurs) qui ont été admis de cette façon. Le fait que tu viens de l'UQAM ne change rien je dirais.
  9. So happy and relieved I passed barristers as well (felt so uncertain about it after I wrote). Now the wait for solicitors. To those who passed, congrats, and at least now we know we won't have to re-write at least one exam. To those who didn't, please do not get discouraged. These exams are in no way a reflection of what your capacities are as jurists. You can and will get it next time!
  10. Am I alone in getting "page not found" when clicking the link (and logged on with my credentials)?
  11. I've done a few searches for previous threads on this forum but there wasn't an extensive amount of info on the matter so I thought I'd see if anyone would have more input. I'm currently finishing up my 3 year civil law degree from a francophone university in Quebec and was recently accepted into a one year JD program at a law school in Ontario. Though I was originally considering staying here in my home province and going to bar school/doing the Quebec bar, I have since considered moving to Ontario in order to pursue a legal career there. I realize that I might not be as competitive as the majority of you who have completed (or will complete) the regular 3 year JD program in english Canada but I was wondering if anyone on here has any advice on the matter or who have pursued a similar course as me. Would me doing a one year JD be huge handicap to my chances of success in Ontario (or even the rest of Canada)? I've seen a few threads mentioning it was better to go to do a one year JD at a Common Law school in Canada rather than do a Common Law program in Quebec (a number of schools here offer the option of a one year JD as well). Would my 'struggle' be the same as, say, someone who studied law abroad? Would it be very hard for me to get an articling job in Ontario with only one year at a JD school? (And for example, how would I even apply for an articling position if, when I apply, I don't have any grades/very few grades back from a JD school - if anyone knows, haha). I realize many/most may not be able to properly answer these questions, but I thought it was worth a shot asking. Thanks in advance! And sorry if I didn't post this thread in the right section.
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