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  1. I applied to the general category and got rejected last year and accepted this year. I was not in school between that time so there was no change in my grades. My cGPA is much lower than yours, but I do have 2 undergrads with a very strong upwards trend. I also have an MA, but that doesn't count towards your cGPA - so if it is MA classes you are taking it won't change your cGPA. I did e-mail Aimee last year around late August and she gave me some general feedback about my application - basically told me to up my lsat a couple points. Given that you already have a pretty good lsat score I would say focus on your personal statement. I got rejected everywhere last year and this year I got accepted to 4 Ontario schools and wait-listed at Osgoode - with the main difference being my personal statements. I looked at the sample personal statements that UofT has posted and went from there (link is below). I spent about 2.5 months writing my various letters - I had them edited by my MA supervisor and edited them myself 10 times over. Also, the first time I applied I had 3 references from my professors, while the second time I substituted one of them for a work reference. If you can get a good reference from outside school I would recommend doing so. https://www.law.utoronto.ca/documents/JD/UofT_Law_Personal_Statements_Examples.pdf
  2. The rep. from Kingston is Nicholas Senn [email protected] . If you are not from Kingston, you can go through him and he can courier documents to your local branch, you can also ask your local branch if they have someone familiar with the Professional Student Loans. I live in Hamilton and I used the branch here - I asked for someone who was experienced and when I met with the rep. he assured me he knew what he was doing as he deals with med students from McMaster who get these same kinds of loans.
  3. Thank you for your input. I am a bit of a busy body and I too find that having more on my plate helps with my time management. Seems backwards, but the more I have to do the more I stay on top of things instead of waiting until the last minute. I am also late 20's and have consistently had at least one job since I was in grade 9, so the thought of not working at all makes me nervous. Seems reasonable that I keep an open mind. I am moving to Kingston from Hamilton, so once I am adjusted and settled after a couple weeks I will see how much spare time I am left with. Thanks again!
  4. Just out of curiosity... does anyone know how realistic it is to work during law school? I got my schedule and based on that I think I could manage working once or twice a week, given that I worked a minimum of 20 hours/week all throughout my undergrad and masters, but I also don't know what the workload is like... is there tons of reading that goes along with classes (significantly more than undergrad or masters program) or is it the addition of clinics and volunteer work that makes working less manageable?
  5. No problem. I never got anything, everything has come through e-mail so far.
  6. The school enrolls you for first year. I assume after you pay your deposit and give a firm acceptance you will be enrolled.
  7. In case anyone is interested, class schedules for both semesters have been posted on SOLUS (mine has anyways - so if yours is not there I imagine it is coming soon).
  8. I just found a place last week. I looked on kijiji for the most part, I also looked on different property management websites where I had a little more success. If you e-mail the property management company and tell them what you are looking for most of them will provide you with some options - or just look on their website and ask if places are still available and go from there. Look at this housing fact sheet Queens has, it has a list of a bunch of property management companies and some other information about where people generally live. https://gallery.mailchimp.com/6b8ca577a8a4e83497bc62d36/files/ce8f33b0-3d04-43d0-875e-40caedd040f6/Law_in_Kingston_Housing_2019.pdf There is also this site I found, places on here tended to be cheaper than on kijiji, but not going to lie they didn't look as appealing, but might be worth a look. https://listingservice.housing.queensu.ca/index.php/rental/rentalsearch/action/search/
  9. Based on previous years threads, I don't think they ever send out rejections for those on the waitlist. Also based on previous threads, they don't accept many more people in batches at this point. Their program is likely full at this point and just a matter of people who have accepted/provisionally accepted backing out.
  10. Thanks guys! I actually found a one bedroom all inclusive for just over $1,000 a month and only 5 minute drive/15 minute bus from campus (so don't give up hope if you're looking). My lease will start in July, but based on the tight market I figured it was better to pounce at the opportunity vs. waiting to start a month or 2 later. Good luck to anyone still hunting!
  11. I feel like it's hard to say. It seems as though the past week or so there has been quite a few people pulled from the waitlist, but if you look at last years thread it doesn't look like there was much movement after May. So, based on last year it does not seem too promising, but it seems like they are a little behind this year compared to last year (I assume because of the later LSAT dates) so there may be some hope still.
  12. Added to the waitlist yesterday. No e-mail, I just checked OASIS this morning and saw the update.
  13. I am stressing looking for a place to live for next year!!! Ideally I don't want a lease to start until at least August if not September 1 - looking now I don't see much, not sure if that is because everything posted now is leasing May/June or if the renters market is that tight. I went to Brock previously and if you didn't find housing by AT LEAST July you were not going to find much if anything at all (too many students and not enough places to live). If I wait a little bit, do I risk screwing myself over by limiting my options more - or will more listings pop up as time goes by? Some input from anyone with experience would be great. PS - ideally looking for a one bedroom apartment that is not $1,000 plus utilities/mo.
  14. I am in a similar situation. Provisional acceptance to Queens and waiting on York. But I just started my loan application today since I don't want to leave it too late and run into issues. I am under the impression you can change your school with your bank if you choose to accept another offer later, so if you are wanting to start the application now I think you should be fine - maybe just let the bank rep. know you are waiting on another potential offer. OSAP I am waiting on because I don't think changing the school is such an easy fix on there after you submit the application since you can't talk to people at OSAP directly.
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