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  1. Not yet! The person I spoke with on the phone said there is some delay but said it would be up around last Thursday. I also sent them an email Friday to let them know I still haven't receive it on OLSAS so I'll keep you up to date with what they say!
  2. SO excited! Still can’t believe it but I’m accepted off the wait list, got the call this morning!!!! LSAT - 145 (there’s hope for those with a low LSAT score) cGPA - 3.55  L2 - 3.8 Lots of work experience, Northern Ontario residence, connection to Thunder Bay!
  3. Thank you for the reassurance!! I'll sit tight and wait for some positive news in the near future! 😀
  4. Has anyone heard back yet? Around this time last year (based off people's previous posts) is when some found out they were accepted off the waitlist, so I'm hoping it's sooner than later!!
  5. Waitlisted March 19th!!! LSAT - 145 (will be re-writing in September and so on if I don't get in for 2019) cGPA - 3.55 L2 - 3.8 TONS of work experience (even worked two jobs in 3rd year) - now currently working for the government Northern Ontario resident too! Fingers crossed for all of us wait-listed! There's hope, I know someone who got in off the waitlist last year!
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