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  1. Thank you so much for the reply and sharing your experience.
  2. This is what I found on website. Assignment of Articles An assignment of articling placement occurs when you permanently transfer to another approved articling principal during the term. To receive credit with the first Principal, a Certificate of Service must filed and the record of experiential training must be filed by both you and your principal. If a placement is assigned the very next business day, the Assignment of Articles form will be filed. If more than 1 business day elapses before you begin articling for the new principal, then you must file a new Articles of Clerkship form for this new principal. The assigned Principal must file the experiential training plan within 10 business days of the candidate’s start date. If the placement is with two or more firms, either consecutively or concurrently, the issue of conflicts of interest must be addressed. Please refer to the Rules of Professional Conduct on Conflicts from Transfer between Law Firms.
  3. Thank you everyone for your replies @Starkand @spicyfoodftw My only reason to change is that I do not want to practice in this area of law after articling. Do you think I have chances to secure an associate position in other firms with different practice? I mean why would they hire me if I have worked in entirely different area of law.
  4. Hi Everyone, 1. Has anyone changed their articling in between? I am asking this because I am working for a sole practitioner at less than a minimum wage and I don't like the area he practice. I completed my four months already. Is it safe to apply other law firms? Should I mention on my resume about present articling? My fear is that after articling in Personal Injury I would not get a chance to get into other firms practicing in other areas of law and there are no chances of hireback. 2. Has anyone applied for 10 days abridgment in articling term on compassionate ground to LSO? Is it easy to get or difficult ? as I have used extra days for my exams and some sick days. I will short of 5 days for September Call. Thank you.
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