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  1. applications open in August and aren't due until the school year starts, no need to fret about bursary and scholarship applications yet
  2. I held similar positions and did talk about them in my PS. They further reinforced where my interests lie though and I was able to connect it to a possible future career path in law that I would be interested in. If it was something you're passionate about, you should definitely keep it in, but if its something super random and can't be connected at all to your abilities in law school or as a lawyer (basic skills I don't think are really worth mentioning as others have said), then imo don't bother wasting too much space on it
  3. I didn't ask that unfortunately, but looking for the forums the pattern seems to exist. I called in to check if I had been accepted!
  4. got the meet n greet email today and called in to confirm i've been accepted! cgpa: 3.27 L2: 3.37 LSAT: 163 slightly above avg ECs (i think?), very average LORs, and PS tailored to windsor pretty surprised given my gpa, but extremely excited
  5. i got through, and as you all suggested i've been accepted!!
  6. I called but unfortunately no one picked up, in going to keep trying though!
  7. I got the meet and greet email for the 27th today.im confused if this actually means something, I see some ppl got acceptances shortly after but some ppl didn't get any follow up? My GPA is pretty low so I'd be really surprised being accepted this early
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