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  1. What is parking like around campus? How competitive is it to get a term pass? I didn't find much information on monthly/term passes online. Do majority of law students park on campus or walk/take transit?
  2. Accepted off waitlist May 6, was position 46 with an index score of 75.08. Have declined the offer.
  3. Just declined my spot for a school closer to home - good luck to everyone still waiting!
  4. I haven't received any emails yet but when I checked my status on my My UCalgary today, it is no longer a green circle but a red cross. When I click on the status it says, "your application has been cancelled for the following reason - Law No Offer." Has this happened to anyone else? I'm guessing it is a rejection for sure but not sure why I haven't received an email.
  5. Accepted on Thursday! L2: 3.8 LSAT: 155 average Will most likely be accepting. Strong work experience/good ECs in my opinion.
  6. Accepted on Friday! L2: 3.84 (confirmed) LSAT: 156
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