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  1. Hi, First of all, there is in fact a minority of students coming directly from CEGEP. The program has 180 places and in those 180 places there is only 40 places for CEGEP students (which is 22.2%). Back in June, I asked Admission how many CEGEP candidates had received an offer for the upcoming school year (2019-2020). Turns out that there were only 20-25 CEGEP students at the time. (It's possible that we are more now because some people were still waiting for an answer and some were still making up their minds about accepting their offer of admission). Most of McGill Law students have completed an undergrad. I also remember (I could be wrong) that the average age of the students is about 23 years old. (CEGEP students are usually 19-20 years old at the start of the program) You should be good with your letter of reference, your CV and your grades. Your PS has to stand out and show that you're mature enough because that's what the Admission Committee is looking for regarding CEGEP candidates. You should also take a look at McGill website to see what exactly they are looking for in general. It is recommended to answer the following questions in your PS : Why law? Why now? (why not wait to do an undergraduate first) Why McGill? I think it's not important that you start worrying about the interview for the moment but it is the biggest part of the admission process. Your grades, your PS, your letter of reference and your CV gets you to the interview, but the interview gets you into the program. I truly feel like it's THE decisive step of your admission. Every CEGEP students have to pass one. You do need to be well-prepared for it even though you won't know what will be discussed in those 20-25 minutes. But like I say, you still have until March 1st 2020 to apply and you still have a month or two after that to worry about the interview. Hope this helps. Don't hesitate if you have more questions.
  2. Some students in their second and third year told me to take the Integration Workshop class in the language that you're not the most familiar with since it's a pass or fail.
  3. It is true that they begin with people who have the most promising profile first (not just grades but the CV and the PS too). I also heard that McGill is very slow with their acceptances/interviews process. I did my interview in the beginning of April and they told me that I could have to wait 2-3 weeks before getting an answer. Three of my friends who went through the interview the same week as me are still waiting for an answer. There is also two rounds of interview, so you can still hope that they haven't conducted the second round yet. It is totally normal and you shouldn't worry too much. You shouldn't lose hope but you should still be prepared to face a rejection. If you have applied to other university you should start considering to accept other offers (since most of them expires on May 1st). That way you're sure to have a backup plan in case of rejection. But, if you're accepted after May 1st you could easily transfer. Also, if you don't get called for an interview, I am pretty sure that you're status will be changed to declined since only those who made it through the interview can be waitlisted. Hope this was helpful ! Good luck !
  4. My status changed on minerva less than a week after my interview (I think it was something like 5 days). Then I checked my status 2 days later and I had received my official acceptance letter (it wasn't there right away when my status changed). I think you shouldn't worry to much, they said that it could take a couple of weeks. How did it went? & Do you mind also sharing your stats?
  5. For CEGEP applicants, all applications received after March 1st are cancelled.
  6. Hi, (sorry for my late answer I'm quite busy with school) My R Score is 35. In my opinion, my ECs are pretty strong. I've also worked a lot on my personal statement and I think that it showed. I also have good volunteering and work experience. The interview went pretty well and it wasn't as stressful as I thought it would be. They told me that they were pretty early on in the admission process so I could have to wait until the end of April to get an answer. But, I received an acceptation less than a week after the interview. My status didn't changed from «Ready for review» until I got accepted (even after I got the phone call for the interview). Good luck to everyone !
  7. Hi, I am a cegep applicant too. My status is currently still at «Ready for review». I got called for an interview two weeks ago and it is scheduled for next week.
  8. Hi, I am a CEGEP applicant and it took less than a month for them to get back to me. I'm pretty sure it depends on your admit type. Also, it is written on their website that the waitlist starts in April.
  9. Hi, Not yet, I schedule it for next week. I can keep you guys updated on how it went afterwards. Are you a CEGEP applicant too?
  10. Hi, Even though I got a phone call for an interview, my admission status is still «Ready for review». So they might have already seen your file but your status won't change right away.
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