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  1. Ok, thanks that’s kind of you!
  2. No, I’m a university applicant!
  3. No, I haven’t taken the LSAT! And for the waitlist you might be right, I didn’t think of it.. Hopefully I will get an answer soon, waiting is so stressful hahaha
  4. Hi, have you done an interview yet?
  5. Thanks for your answer and sorry for the late reply. I doubt they would do a French interview as I did all my studies in French. Concerning my stats : 80% average from the University of Ottawa in commerce, major in international management. My average for the last 2 years is around 93%. I also did an exchange in a top business school in Europe, and my average there was around 90%. I have work experience in the federal government, strong LOR and medium EC.
  6. Hello guys, I know some people whose status on Minerva are « Admitted », « Refused » and « Reviewed–Decision Pending ». My status hasn’t changed since my application, and I’m still « Ready for Review ». Does it mean that they literally haven’t reviewed my application yet? And do you think that’s more on the good news or bad news side? Thank you all,
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