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  1. Curious if an admin can pin this post. I'd like it if everyone will share their experiences
  2. Maybe get a car? I'm not a past student but went to York.
  3. Let's do a review of some centres in Canada. I know there is a site but I did not find that site helpful. 1. Xyna international school (Vaughan) Pro: - clean - relatively easy to get to - food options nearby - parking Cons: - new, so staff is not always knowledgeable - long lineup to the washroom - small desks (like middle school sized). I wear small/xsmall and I found it a tight space - noisy: building had a really loud ventilation/refrigerator that would go off randomly. It's also near the street and you can hear trucks and road noise. - proctors wore noisy shoes on wooden floors
  4. Powerscore bibles, workbooks and official tests. Decided to take a powerscore course. Markings in pencil mostly. selling all 17 books for $230 image one: https://ibb.co/Fw1Vrjq image two: https://ibb.co/4pd9Hdz Pick up in Toronto near Finch and Keele. Please INBOX.
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