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  1. Haha. My cGPA is low so yes I would be considered a splitter at some major Canadian law schools. In addition, I can write a solid PS because im no stranger to PS type letters/format/content and I've seen both my older siblings along with numerous friends write successful PS for various law schools including U of T. Thx for your reply though!
  2. No, I am not. Just took an interest in Indigenous studies and have a lot of course work on Indigenous topics (issues, governance etc).
  3. Hey guys, wondering if someone can give me an idea of my chances for U of T law. 3.03 cGPA, 3.57 B3, 3.71 L2 (did awful in first year), U of T undergrad in a decently competitive program with nothing but As in 3rd and 4th year 166 LSAT ECs - Head of student run philanthropy group at u of t, Senior Editor of a undergrad journal, volunteer work with indigenous social work groups, volunteer baseball coach for a development group (young kids just starting baseball), moot court competitor and few other minor ones, Undergraduate research experience, had an essay published in an undergrad journal Work experience: Capital Market Compliance at a large Canadian bank, business development for one of the seven sisters in Toronto, athletic coordinator at U of T I have confidence in my abilities to write a solid PS as well. Any guesses or insights would help! Thank you!
  4. Hey is anyone taking the July 2019 LSAT at the Montecassion which seems to be confirmed on my LSAC registration but then under test centre locations the website says it is not offered there. Wondering what that may mean
  5. Hey guys, i am a fourth year student at University of Toronto, St. George and ill be graduating at the June 2019 convocation. Im taking a year off to make some money for tuition and such but i wanted to get an idea of my chances with my numbers/background. I had a rough first two years with some family issues (medical) which took a toll on me. since second year ive had a solid upward trend with my grades not falling below an 80. My CGPA is a 3.01 and L2 is a 3.7, with a few low to mid 90s. I am writing the July LSAT and my PTs are in the 163-167 range right now. I have solid ECs -- tons of volunteer work (a bunch with indigenous services), two internships (finance and law firm), board member at u of t pre-law and editor on the law journal, was the head of a student run philanthropic group. Two solid references (two profs, one at the U of T law school). Wondering if my first two years will hinder me from getting into schools in Canada. Right now im looking at Western, Queens, Osgoode, Dal, UBC, Windsor. I know some look at/emphasize your last two years but i wanted to get a perspective from you guys.
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