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  1. 2L student seeking advice on a career in IP law. For context, I will be summering at an IP boutique this summer. I’ll likely work on patent and trademark assignments. As I understand, work is assigned partly based on students’ interests. As someone with a BSc, is it worth it at all to focus on patent prosecution or should I go the litigation route or focus on TM? My concern is that even with prosecution experience, I won’t be viewed equally to someone with a PhD or MSc or engineering degree with prosecution experience. There is also IP licensing which appears to be neither prosecution nor litigation. Any thoughts would be most appreciated!
  2. I can’t speak to Windsor but UofT has very generous financial aid (if you qualify). There’s a calculator on their website which gives you a rough estimate. Maybe worth checking out
  3. First year at OZ, then transferred to UofT. Mainly because I live downtown so it was less of a commute. Also because of some cool externship opportunities. I applied for a transfer thru OLSAS.
  4. Hi all, With OCIs coming up, I'm feeling a considerable amount of stress. For those who have gone through OCIs, how did you deal with the stress? Will really appreciate any tips/advice!
  5. Hi Ryn, I am not sure if this question has been asked before. I was wondering if there will still be admission offers given out after April 1st? I am above the averages both for cGPA and LSATs but I haven't heard back yet. Also, does citizenship status affect one's application (this is more out of curiosity than anything)?
  6. Hi guys, i have ave some questions, hoping for some 1L input here. 1) I’m interested in IP law but I don’t see any IP course offerings in queens? 2) how are students graded in queens? What is the breakdown like in terms of class participation, midterms and finals? 3) is it possible to get straight A’s in queens? 4) I don’t drive at all. Are there any condos close by to campus and relatively new for students to rent? thanks guys!
  7. Hi everyone, I have some questions, hoping for some 1L input here. 1) how are first year classes graded? Does class participation and midterms count or is it mostly finals? What is the percentage breakdown like? 2) how hard is it to get all A’s in Western? Is that even possible? 3) how hard is it to volunteer for the Western Journal. I have some background in academic research, would that be sufficient? 4) are there any dance/sports/art clubs for law students? 4) I don’t drive at all. I rather not take the public transit if I can help it. Are there accommodations close to the law building that are relatively new (I.e like Clare hall) or close to grocery places etc? Will really appreciate your input! thanks guys
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