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  1. ... I am aware of that, but just trying to gauge how common it is to be waitlisted after an interview .. My concern is that I did something wrong. It's my dream school and I hope I didn't ruin my chances.
  2. How many people were interviewed then waitlisted the week after? Trying to understand what this means..
  3. 279/290 Remaining. 1) psych 2) noneoftheabove 3) barmayu 4) guelphgirl123 5) justincredible 6) vanhopeful95 7) ariellemasur 8 ) burr0wn 9) thedraper 10) Danny257 11) 416lawyer
  4. Well.. still in queue and people are being accepted off the waitlist. Anyone else in the same boat?
  5. Osgoode Students who have firmly accepted their offers. I hope this helps you all connect with each other. Please continue to post 281/290 Remaining. 1) psych 2) noneoftheabove 3) barmayu 4) guelphgirl123 5) justincredible 6) vanhopeful95 7) ariellemasur 8 ) burr0wn 9) thedraper
  6. Mine just says Written Notification to follow.
  7. Hey Howard! That is AWESOME! You are not crazy! If anything I feel old, I am 26 and burnt out. Law schools would be so lucky to have someone like you. People who succeed are the ones who generally have life experience and I really think you can thrive. It is never too late to make a change, you can even pursue law part-time while raising your family. Do not give up and I think coming to this forum was the best first step. I avoided forums during my prep and now that I am waiting to hear back from schools I find it so supportive and comforting. Here are my tips: 1) Khan Academy was a great prep, it was fun and engaging. Most importantly it will prep you well because the new format of the LSAT will be online. 2) I used 7Sage Videos on Youtube to master logic games.. 3) Another trick that saved me because I didn't study for my second LSAT but jumped 23 percentiles, from the sheer fact that I rented library books. Go check out books from different prep companies, I found in the end I copied the methods from Khan academy with some tricks from the other books. Pick old books from the early 90's too. People made fun of me for doing that but it paid off for a few questions on the real LSAT which I immediately recognized because I referenced old materials. I essentially made a hybrid of my own method towards solving questions this way, that worked with every type of question. 4) Save your LSATs, you dont want to waste them! 5) Look at the law schools near you and see if they offer an Access to Learning and Law program. Since you are a mature student you have a high chance of being accepted and they essentially pay for your LSAT prep. Obviously, it might not be the greatest, I did mine at Osgoode, but the point is it made me familiar with the material. It was a nice introduction that put me in a good position to self-study. 6) Buy your LSAT clock now and practice with that. I don't know if the new timers will be digitial but what I did was buy a "nurses watch" from amazon. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00GHG413S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 If you look at that clock you will see that the seconds are shown really clearly, it was a perfect size and required practice to get used to.
  8. To clarify, you only send in the Dual JD application form. Nothing else? Thanks your message was helpful!
  9. Thank you! Do you send any supplementary material?
  10. Big Congratulations! 😀What time did you hear back? I heard that the admissions committee only sees your grades, LSAT and that dual JD form. Did you send in additional material? Mine is marked as incomplete so I am wondering why? I emailed but they did not respond to that point.
  11. Did you all also know that its a completely separate application? Does that mean basically anything on SAM except your grades, LSAT score and the dual JD application form was not sent?
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