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  1. I know I’m overreacting, and with the 2L recruit being over 8 months I’m not sure why it’s bothering me so much. I’m just stressing about whether or not my resume is good enough, looking at my peers and I see people with extensive and varied backgrounds, and this comparing leads me down the road where I end up thinking I won’t even get an interview because my resume is somehow that inferior. I prioritized volunteering throughout my life as I found it to be more rewarding and there were more interesting opportunities to me from volunteering. However I noticed that it seems like volunteering isn’t considered very much, and in some posts I’ve read it seemed as if it was irrelevant; one partner at a smaller firm even told me he views volunteering as fluff.
  2. I have applied for about 10 1L summer research positions and never even got an interview for any of them. I am now very worried what implications this will have for me in the upcoming 2L recruit. I am volunteering this summer, and I have fairly robust volunteer experience from my undergrad and now first year of law school, but I think my work experience might be weak as I only worked 3 summer jobs in undergrad. How screwed am I for the 2L Toronto recruit? Will knocking out my fall semester of 2L overcome a weak work experience? How will law firms even consider 2L fall grades as everyone will be taking a variety of different courses making it difficult to compare applicants based on grades. basically just having an anxiety attack that I’m not gonna get a 2L job/articling job
  3. What does it mean if you got an interview scheduled Wednesday afternoon as the first interview, bad sign?
  4. I have heard the same thing in person that the ZSA guide is useful as a starting point but not much else as in many cases it doesn’t apply, although it’s not a magnitude difference between reported and actual, I’ve been told it can be quite deceiving, with the report more often than not skewing down incorrectly as opposed to reporting too high of a number. Edit: I have read on the forums here that sometimes the numbers are bang on so I guess it’s a lot of YMMV
  5. Is Calgary’s economy diversified though? Once the major oil and gas producers begin to further curtail future expansions I have a sneaking suspicion that legal workloads will follow suit and decline. I would like to think that as Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and has the provincial legislature, new businesses would want to do work inside of Edmonton, as using lawyers who are closer to the regulatory machine that is the government might seem like a tangible benefit? Furthermore isn’t Edmonton growing at a faster pace compared to Calgary?
  6. I know, I know it's taboo to talk about pay, but my student loans that will need to be paid off after I graduate definitely has large role in where I would like to end up. I am hoping someone could help me out with what the expected salary would be for an articling student and year 1,2,3... etc year of call might be at the larger regional firms in Edmonton (any info is much appreciated). I listed some of the larger regional firms in Edmonton for reference, however I would love to hear any feedback from any firms I did not list as well. Also, do most of the regional firms pay very similar salaries/total compensation, and how do they typically compare to Dentons and BJ here in Edmonton and Calgary, not sure if I will be able to land at either of those two large cahunas, trying to keep my expectations realistic. McLennan Ross Duncan Craig Miller Thompson Bishop & McKenzie Brownlee Witten Field Parlee I searched through other posts on here however most info is outdated, well at least I hope so lol, a post from 2006 said 30k was first year associate which can not be true anymore
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