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  1. In terms of splitter success stories, I had a CGPA of somewhere around 2.8 (can’t remember the exact number anymore), a L60 of 3.0/4 and an LSAT of 169 and was accepted at u of a (just finished 1L), sask, and waitlisted at New Brunswick and Manitoba. I did not overcome anywhere near the adversity you did, but did have some fairly unique work experience to my name. All that to say that it’s not an easy road, but it’s certainly doable. Good luck!
  2. Not sure when it begins, but if I recall correctly I received my acceptance in early April.
  3. Assuming your L2 is the same on a 4.0 scale I got into U of A with the same stats, and Saskatchewan with worse stats. Probably would depend on your personal statement and such, but all is not lost
  4. Pure speculation on my part, but as I was admitted holistically last year, I think a lot of it comes down to how you address it in your personal statement. If you’ve addressed why it wouldn’t be a hinderance to your success in law school sufficiently well, my guess is that they would be able to interpret everything through that lens. Personally speaking no metric of my grades looked good, so they were able to overlook it for me. I’m sure if you were able to explain the L60 in a way that it would not be a continuing concern, than the CGPA (while not considered directly) may help to support this claim and make you a stronger candidate. TLDR: I don’t know for sure, but I think a better CGPA would help if your personal statement addresses the L60 successfully
  5. Thanks everyone for your responses, the added perspectives have been very helpful.
  6. I’m currently in 1L and just second guessing my choices. I love my courses and find them interesting, and academically I’m doing fine so far. I just cannot seem to enjoy the company of the vast majority of my fellow 1L students, the upper years I have met all seem fine, but I honestly cannot imagine a scenario working with these people that does not result in significant damage to my mental health, which is already not good. I’m not looking for pity and I’m not looking for “you need to learn to work with others” because I’ve done so successfully in a variety of environments. I don’t want to go further into specifics for anonymity reasons, but I’m really struggling mentally with the way people are. I’m just wondering, is it worth plugging through because I enjoy the material and think I would enjoy the practice of law, or am I better off leaving law school now and doing something else?
  7. RE: political bias/leaning at u of a. I’m only a 1L so upper years might have a different take, but while some of the profs may be right leaning the student body (at least 1Ls) in my experience are very strongly left leaning in stark contrast to the population at large. I’ve never been called a coward, etc. for not being left enough anywhere else, but as I said just my personal experience YMMV.
  8. UAlberta is overwhelmingly numbers based, but had 36 “holistic review admits” last year in a class of 186 according to the viewbook. So they are not purely numbers based, but definitely most applicants are admitted on numbers.
  9. I don’t know specifically how they use it, but in the past year there were 36 holistic admits to the U of A according to the prospectus online, which represents a little over 19% of the class. You can be admitted without it, but don’t just send it in because you think it may be irrelevant to you.
  10. Also 1L at U of A and just wanted to say I am noticing the same thing with cliques. High school was not even a quarter this bad for me. I have 1 or 2 people I can talk to, but everyone else won’t give me the time of day when I initiate conversation. I am fortunate that I have other friends here outside of law, but I will watch out for anyone who seems to be sitting alone in lectures to see if I can help someone because this is terrible that so many people are having this experience this year.
  11. I got into U of A, Sask, and Manitoba (off waitlist) with a lower L60 (3) and a similar CGPA with a 169 LSAT last year. Can’t say that it’s likely, but it’s not impossible
  12. Depending on how much you want to spend, Simons appears to have some variety in both price and style, but I can’t comment on whether they do tailoring or if they do whether it is any good.
  13. @badgpalol1 i got in with a L60 of 3 and lsat of 169, so it’s possible, but can’t comment on the probability
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