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  1. Joined the waitlist yesterday and my status was updated today! Hopefully there’s some movement soon. 😁
  2. Any idea when people will start getting accepted off the waitlist?
  3. I'm not sure about the numbers, but I have a feeling it could move pretty quickly considering the fact most schools have already sent out their acceptances.
  4. That’s awful! I had no idea, but that’s definitely an understandable cause for the delay. I hope she makes a full recovery.
  5. Am I the only one anxiously waiting for their admission decision? I've been checking pretty much hourly if my status has been updated. I was really hoping to have been notified by now... Sigh. 😩
  6. They aren’t included in our fees, but they can be purchased on campus. This is taken directly from the Fredericton transit website: Student Monthly Pass - $55.00/month for full-time students (with appropriate identification). Passes can be purchased at UNB Student Union- The Welcome Centre, and at City Hall.
  7. I saw a similar thread on the Osgoode page, so I thought it would be good to start for UNB. Please comment if you've accepted your offer. That way we'll have an idea of how many spots are left. Thanks in advance!
  8. I'd be skeptical about investing borrowed money. When I asked the question, I suppose I was hoping for more job-related responses; earning money in creative ways as a law student, etc.! So, thank you @OWH for your suggestion. 🤣
  9. Has anyone received any more updates?
  10. Sorry to hear that! Did you apply in the general category or discretionary?
  11. I saw another poster said they called admissions and found out the acceptance notifications should be sent out by June and they'll be creating the waitlist after that. So hopefully we'll know within the next two weeks.
  12. I can’t help you much with that question either as I’ve never lived on residence. I do know that UNB rents out the rooms as “summer hotels” when students leave. You should contact Res Life (506) 453-4800 to get an answer to your question.
  13. According to other posters on here, they should start sending rejections out in June. So I don’t think any have been sent out to date.
  14. Just thought I'd ask whether anyone has found a creative, successful way to finance their law degree, which resulted in very little debt in the end? I have paid off my undergrad and would really appreciate any advice before I get into a lot more debt. Thanks!
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