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  1. Awesome, thank-you everyone for your input, wasn't expecting to get this much feedback but it is awesome, what I gathered from it is that for 1L at the minimum I should go to all my lectures and gauge what sort of student I am and that it is indeed possible to excel without attending lectures. But attending lectures gives me that face time with profs and peers, leading me to have better connections, friends, etc. allowing me to build a better foundation for my future. Lastly it will also instill the discipline I will need to have in order to excel as a lawyer and a senior law student. Thank-you all so much once again!
  2. Yeah the listening to lectures from home is the other thing that appeals to me, my cousin who is in UofC Med right now does that and she prefers it far more to attending lectures as she can go at her own pace and genuinely learn the material.
  3. I do not attend class due to absolutely no learning gained from lectures, at least this point in my undergrad, so far my professors have all either uploaded the slides, uploaded review guides, both, some sort of variations of the two etc. The ones who do not post the aforementioned always host some sort of review session and I attend that if I feel I am not ready. But thank you for the insight in the latter half of your reply, the tighter grad curve and higher competition means a lot more.
  4. Yeah, I say this based on my undergrad experience right now, I just find that I learn nothing from lectures and teach myself content better, but obviously these are two completely different playing fields. But you are right, I didn't really stop to consider that with class sizes that small, people actually knowing who I am, whether it's my peers or professors makes a big difference.
  5. Also another very valid point, in one way or the other it will put me in the habit of being on a schedule.
  6. You bring up a good point, wouldn't know until its too late.. Thank-you
  7. awesome, that definitely helps put it in perspective for me, my whole thing with mentioning open studies was going to be how I really only did less than the bare minimum, etc. in high school but now actually being in the program and actually genuinely on the path to law school I'm genuinely motivated etc. Thank-you for your opinion, really helped make me realize that the undergrad merely is a pre-req and having gotten into it really doesn't mean much.
  8. Hi everyone, I was wondering how important it is to go to lecture once in law school? As of right now I've made the (arguably bad) habit of skipping almost all of my lectures, as I tend to do very good in class without going and find I do not actually learn anything from lectures. This applies even to those lectures that people have said if you skip class you won't pass. Is this something I should begin changing now to get used to law school, or would I be able to carry out the same methods in law school as well? TIA
  9. Hi everyone, I am currently in my second year at the University of Calgary in their communication studies program, I have been able to keep a GPA average of about 3.5 to date. That being said, before I got into communication studies, I was an open studies student. Would putting that I was an open studies student hinder my personal statement in any way? Or would it in some way some how help me and show some sort of "resolve" or something like that? I only ask this because I remember for the O-Week speech we received, one of the speakers was someone who was a former open studies student and made their way into UofC Law as well. I look forward to your responses, and any other tips you may or may not have for the personal statement, thanks in advance!
  10. Awesome! Thanks a ton for the insight, UofC and UofA are the two I'm looking to get into the most, with more of a focus on UofC, good to know how each of the schools select their candidates.
  11. The 3.04 was not a typo? If you don't mind me asking, besides the 165 LSAT what else did you have going for you on your application to get accepted into UofA and not UofC? I'm only asking because I constantly worry about my academics, and not so much as my ECs as I try and stay on top of those as much as possible.
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