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  1. This is good to know..."multiple waves coming"...you gave me hope...thank you.
  2. about 3 weeks ago I was finally moved from "incomplete" to "referred to admissions committee"...I'm wondering with the given world situation as you have stated, there will be delays with this process unfortunately..
  3. same boat..kind of...rejected from U of T and have not heard a thing from Windsor...
  4. March 18th still "incomplete"....at least I'm not alone..
  5. Anybody else's application still say "application incomplete"....?
  6. Anybody else's application still says "incomplete"...?
  7. My application still states "incomplete" as well...
  8. Mine says "application incomplete" as well.... 🤪
  9. Alright at least I am not the only one with this situation..thank you for your responses, it is reassuring.. Hopefully it will work out for us in a positive way soon!
  10. After logging in from the University of Windsor Applicant homepage, from the admissions tab it says "application incomplete"...
  11. My application still says "incomplete" with nothing on the to do lists and requests lists. Is anyone else in this situation?
  12. Yes you are correct, however, I am specifically making reference to the University of Windsor. That being said, they do not have an access category to apply to; only one category, and I never said that they do not factor in your GPA or LSAT either. I still believe someone with a lower GPA and LSAT could still possibly be considered at a school that uses a holistic admissions approach over other more competitive schools... The University of Toronto says directly on their web page to still apply even if your scores are lower than their medians. All one can do with a lower GPA or LSAT score is to hope and try; you will never gain if you don't take the risk.
  13. I think you are right as many prefer the option of completing the law degree in 3 years as opposed to 6.. A very good idea to call the school directly. Thanks.
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