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  1. Hello there! I have a question about the 5 questions as part of the application process; one of which is optional. Is there a word limit for these questions? I know with other universities there are word limits but I couldn't see anything for Windsor if there is or not. Also, is there a mature student category to apply to or is it just one general category for all applicants? Thanks any help would be appreciated!
  2. this is good to know that these options do exist.....internships, independent research... What university is this?
  3. Hi Iheartcats, thank you for your response. What do you mean by "programming that is not a scheduled class"....it sounds like something offered online (distance education)? Just because I would be in the same boat a possible 2 hour commute....
  4. LSAC is for the LSAT....geeez lol!!
  5. and wow I am not on my game at all... I meant to say I was applying through LSAC not OUAC!! lol!! But since you wrote here and a little of investigation myself I realized that nooooo ....like you said... I need to apply through OLSAS!! Wow...feeling like I am having some brain fog!! I also read that other people were confused as to whether to apply on LSAC or OLSAS or both....on this forum... at least I wasn't the only one...(clearing throat)...
  6. btw....I am applying on LSAC....still can't find it on there so I will call the university directly... Thanks again for copying and pasting the questions here! Much appreciated.
  7. Thank you for sharing @goalie I believe anything is possible and I could manage. My kids are a bit older so their independence at this age is quite helpful. I wanted to hear other people's experiences to help empower me and see what kind of sacrifices have to be made before I make a big decision on whether or not to apply... It will be a lot different this time around pursing an education while taking care of a family. I believe it is doable.
  8. Yes Mel2019..thank you for this...well at least this way the education will get done in a faster time if it is full-time... How was the workload while trying to maintain school-family...I know you mentioned you had great support from your husband.
  9. Hello, I am having a hard time locating information for Windsor's Personal Statement? Can anyone help me find where to access this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I just wanted to hear of anyone's experience or knows of anyone that has gone to law school part time and raised a family... I am considering applying this fall and have 2 small children. I have a pretty good support system around me also. Is this possible? What are your experiences? Thank you.
  11. Yes this does give me hope as I will be applying for next year! Congrats!
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