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  1. Yes you are correct, however, I am specifically making reference to the University of Windsor. That being said, they do not have an access category to apply to; only one category, and I never said that they do not factor in your GPA or LSAT either. I still believe someone with a lower GPA and LSAT could still possibly be considered at a school that uses a holistic admissions approach over other more competitive schools... The University of Toronto says directly on their web page to still apply even if your scores are lower than their medians. All one can do with a lower GPA or LSAT score is to hope and try; you will never gain if you don't take the risk.
  2. I think you are right as many prefer the option of completing the law degree in 3 years as opposed to 6.. A very good idea to call the school directly. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for your response... I was also hoping for an actual schedule just to see what it looks like....
  4. Hello there, I am interesting in knowing what a part-time studies schedule would look like? If there is anyone that can share this with me to get an idea that would be great! Steph
  5. Hello there, I am interesting in knowing what a half-time studies schedule would look like? If there is anyone that can share this with me to get an idea that would be great! Steph
  6. Perfect that I what I thought and I appreciate your response.
  7. Hello there, I would just like to be certain, as per my research, that there is no unique categories such as access, or a mature students category for the University of Windsor...am I correct? Thanks.
  8. Why can't this person be considered for schools with a holistic approach such as the University of Windsor?
  9. Alright, so for me it should be any day now for my undergrad transcript. 2 weeks is about right for the referee letter to be added to my application as that is the time it took for mine to be added.
  10. Thank you @WindsorHopeful
  11. My transcript has been ordered from the university I attended. It was purchased on Sept 17th and nothing yet... I will check today again. I thought when I purchased my transcript, it said 10-15 business days..we will see but hopefully soon. I am not sure how we can speed up this process. The other transcript I ordered which was my graduate degree was from an international university and was processed within days since it was digital.
  12. @jennibee awesome thanks! I am just curious for the Tues & Frid classes are they in Detroit? If so, which classes are they? Thanks
  13. Thank you I appreciate your feedback. At least this gives me an idea. If I don't see anything on the document tracking in 2 weeks then I will definitely inquire.
  14. Does anyone know how long it typically takes from when OLSAS receives letters of reference from our referees to the time they enter the information into their system so we can view this in the document tracking section of our applications? My referee has mailed it about 2 weeks ago and I have been checking the document tracking daily and nothing yet... I may be anxious but just wanted to know the typical turnaround time for it to be updated so I can see it in the document tracking section of my application... If someone can share some insight in regards to this would be helpful. Thanks.
  15. Hello, I was wondering if someone can share what a typical 1L timetable looks like for the University of Windsor? Thank you
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