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  1. Hi there, I will be starting 1L in September and am interested in renting a 1B condo in the Vuze. The landlord informed me that it's currently under construction but that it's mainly on the ground level and on the upper units it isn't as loud. I'm not from Halifax so am unable to check it out in person - would anyone know anything about the noise level and cleanliness of the building? Thanks!
  2. Thanks for all the feedback! That was very helpful - I think I will go with Dal
  3. Hi everyone, I'm from Toronto and am trying to decide between Calgary and Dal. In the future I would ideally like to try and obtain a position at a larger firm in Toronto and am wondering if one of the school would provide me with a better leg up. I've heard it's best to attend law school in the city that you want to work and so I am still waiting to hear back from Western and Osgoode. Calgary was my first acceptance and I am very excited by the idea of living in Calgary - having the mountains, an NHL team to cheer for, and a nice place to call home for three or more years. The tuition is also significantly cheaper than other schools, which makes it additionally appealing. I have not had as much of a connection with Dalhousie, however, I have heard it is a great school and it is ‘ranked’ slightly higher than Calgary. Would anyone be able to speak to the topic of accessing the job market in Toronto from either location? As well, if firms prefer hiring students from one school more than the other, or if it's most important to just try and be top of the class and network well. Thanks so much.
  4. Thanks so much for your response. Zooming in on Google Maps kind of gave me that impression, I was just secretly hoping some newer things had been built. In that case, my preference would be to live in a more popular area and then commute to school - I would love to hear of other options that aren't the "suburban lifestyle". Also, would you know about availability and cost of campus parking (if I were to get a car)?
  5. Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone has housing recommendations ? I am coming from Toronto and will not have a car so living within walking distance to the school, groceries and shopping would be very ideal. Interested in a modern, clean, 1 bedroom apartment. Thanks in advance!
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