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  1. The problem is the payment option doesn't show up. According to the introduction, I should pay the fees through SSC and then fill the acceptance form, but when I clicked on Pay Fees under Finances, it showed "you are currently up to date and have no outstanding amounts to pay". Besides, when I tried to accept my offer through SSC, it showed error number 1555855048899. Have anyone experienced the same problem before? Should I pay the deposit first before fill and submit the acceptance page? Or should I try to accept it first?
  2. Just received the email! 162(Jan) + 87% without drops Regular
  3. I was told that it still needs at least 2 weeks to complete my evaluation. They haven’t finished the evaluation process or sent all the notifications in this round.
  4. I just don’t understand. According to the acceptance post last year, almost all those accpted regularly have been emailed around March 21st (even with a Feb test). What happened this year? Have they completed the acceptance process? I was told last week that a reminder would be sent when the evaluation of mine was complete but nothing happened yet.
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