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  1. 23 hours ago, RollMaster said:

    But if the highly coveted jobs are what you're after, then do you have to be one of the all stars of your year to stand a good chance against a slightly above average student at U of T? I'd think so. 

    You can’t be serious with this... 

  2. 29 minutes ago, TobyFlenderson said:

    If you have no interest in working in the US, the dual degree isn’t worth it. Even if you were, I’m not sure that it’s worth the substantial extra cost.

    Provisionally accept Lakehead.

    Wouldn’t it be more difficult to land a job closer to Toronto as a Lakehead grad? 

  3. Some context - I am interested in practicing as close to Toronto as possible. I don’t really have an interest in practicing in the US. I am still waiting to hear back from other Canadian schools, but posing his question as I do have to provisionally accept one. 

    Both programs have their benefits and downsides, but I am interested in hearing your thoughts (especially recent grads). 


  4. 10 hours ago, LawAndJust said:

    They do! I was explained that you can have up to 5 readings, and when there are 2 of the same decision, that's how it's made. 

    I don't know if that's completely true though or how it actually works though 

    I was told on the phone that two readings is the maximum. 

  5. On 3/15/2019 at 6:59 PM, lawstories said:

    Hello everyone,

    Very excited for my first post on these forums. Just got accepted today through email. Congrats to all those that heard back today, and best of luck to those awaiting! 😊


    L2 GPA - 3.8/4.0 

    L3 GPA - ~3.5/4.0 CPA

    LSAT - 152 (Sep), 155 (Nov) 

    Lots of EC's - Volunteered throughout my undergrad and involved on campus. 

    Research experience. 

    Very strong references. 

    Ontario resident. 

    Declined my spot. Best of luck! 

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  6. 15 minutes ago, AJD19 said:

    Definitely not. I  think the IPC is a huge plus. I havent looked that far into it but i dont think you need to article? TRU's tuition is also closer to like 22K/year. 

    Yup that’s correct. You don’t need to article. However, some firms (mainly in southern Ontario) still want you to article. Not too much information on it though!

  7. Hi all,

    TRU and BL are both fairly new schools and in smaller locations. I would like to practice in Ontario. Would BL be better for me just because it is in Ontario? Leaving the question open-ended to get a variety of responses.


  8. 2 hours ago, Bure10 said:

    Kamloops is actually pretty big land wise and it is pretty spread out.

    It really depends who you are as a person and what you like doing on your spare time.  There was pickup hockey ran by the city Mon-Friday 11-1 for $5.00 so if you like that then you are set.  The bar scene isnt bad for the size of the city and there are all different types of bars (Irish, club, lounges - not really sports bar when I was there I guess there might be one now).  The Blazers games are cheap and fun.  

    The gym scene is decent and there is a lot of golf, skiing, snow boarding, hiking and biking.

    I agree with the poster above and the mall really sucks so dont count on buying clothes and suits in Kamloops.  The movie theater is bigger than my hometown but smaller than most major cities.

    The amount of free time you have is totally up to you, I didnt go to a lot of classes by 3L and did fine so I had a lot of free time but I had less in 1L because I went to much more of the classes.

    If you dont like Kamloops Vancouver really isnt that far like 3-4 Hours and Calgary is closer to 7-8.

    Thanks for this! 

  9. 52 minutes ago, Stark said:

    I had primarily lived in big cities (Vancouver, Toronto) before moving to Kamloops, but really enjoyed my time there.  I'm a city boy at heart and wouldn't have wanted to stay there long term, but I absolutely loved my 3 years there. 

    It was a great place to be a student and unlike some of the law schools in the bigger cities, the vast majority of students were not Kamloops natives which I thought helped form stronger bonds between classmates as almost none of us knew anyone else in the city.

    That is great to hear. Thank you!

  10. 30 minutes ago, onone said:

    It means they haven't seen our application yet. The holistic approach Windsor takes for admissions takes much longer than index schools.

    I agree with this - I don't think this is an indication of rejection as most schools save spaces for unseen applications. 

    Best of luck!

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