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  1. Hi all, If any Dual or Single JD male students are looking for roommates or a place to stay please PM me as I am currently house hunting. Thank you.
  2. You can’t be serious with this...
  3. Landing a job in Toronto will be difficult for grads of both programs. Landing a job closer to Toronto I figure would be easier as a Dual grad as BL gears it’s grads to practice in Northern ON.
  4. Wouldn’t it be more difficult to land a job closer to Toronto as a Lakehead grad?
  5. Some context - I am interested in practicing as close to Toronto as possible. I don’t really have an interest in practicing in the US. I am still waiting to hear back from other Canadian schools, but posing his question as I do have to provisionally accept one. Both programs have their benefits and downsides, but I am interested in hearing your thoughts (especially recent grads). Thanks!
  6. I was told on the phone that two readings is the maximum.
  7. @Ksimba @ArchivesandMuseums Congrats! When is your deadline to accept/decline the offer?
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know if upper year students create a Facebook group for incoming students?
  9. Can anyone that recently got accepted in April see the offer on OLSAS yet?
  10. Yup that’s correct. You don’t need to article. However, some firms (mainly in southern Ontario) still want you to article. Not too much information on it though!
  11. Thanks all. Just wanted to make sure that TRU doesn’t have some sort of advantage over BL that offsets location.
  12. Hi all, TRU and BL are both fairly new schools and in smaller locations. I would like to practice in Ontario. Would BL be better for me just because it is in Ontario? Leaving the question open-ended to get a variety of responses. Thanks!
  13. Does everyone’s application get a second reading? I was told the same thing.
  14. Got the call this morning! Accepted off the waitlist! cGPA - ~3.2 L2 - ~3.8 LSAT - 152, 155 Lots of ECs. Great references. Strong PS. Really excited about this offer! Congrats to all those accepted! Best of luck to those awaiting!
  15. How long were you referred to admissions for on Winsite?
  16. Waitlisted today. L2: ~3.8 (OLSAS) LSAT: 152, 155 Lots of EC’s, strong personal statement and references Ontario resident (not Northern)
  17. Wow, @canuckfanatic Thanks for the detailed reply! Really helpful
  18. Hello all, How is it like living in Kamloops? For those who moved from urban areas, what is the adjustment like? Is it a diverse campus/place? Also, how are the law professors at TRU? Thanks!
  19. I agree with this - I don't think this is an indication of rejection as most schools save spaces for unseen applications. Best of luck!
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