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  1. Hey guys, got the call this morning. Accepted! Still waiting for the email but best of luck to the rest of you ❤️
  2. Hey! I was wondering if you have any classmates (or people you know in lower years) who got accepted off the waitlist + what month-ish they received that acceptance? Are there stats we could find anywhere?
  3. update: Waitlisted at U of T and have still not heard back from Queens, Osgoode, Western, UOttawa or HYS in the states (applied to the best 3 in the states because why not haha excellent learning experience)
  4. Hey guys! just want to keep tabs on those of us waitlisted for the University of Toronto. Feel free to post your status and any updates on being accepted/questions here! I was waitlisted today- OLSAS GPA: 3.38 ; B3: 3.5 ; LSAT: 167 ; Out of Province Applicant, extensive extracurriculars & wrote all of the optional essays! I emailed them back and they said their class is usually full by early April and that they only open the waitlist when an admitted student changes their mind (meaning that they expect the class to be full by sending out more admissions offers than actual spots and our only real chance is if someone completely changes their mind AFTER having accepted the offer... which is highly unlikely?). They said and I quote: "In the past 5 years the latest we’ve gone to the wait list was a week before the start of classes in August."
  5. same, been waitlisted. I have so many questions! I wish the position on the waitlist would be disclosed!
  6. I have been accepted to these three universities so far (UBC, U of C, U of A). I haven't heard back from any Ontario or American schools yet so, for now, I'm trying to decide between these three. U of C is where I did my undergrad, it's my home and I have an absolutely amazing mentor on the Queens Bench Alberta Court. That being said, my goal is to work for at least a couple of years in a top law firm at a big city like Toronto or New York. WHAT. DO. I. DO?
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