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  1. Just wanted to point out the class sizes for western and queens appear to be switched. Western should have 185.
  2. I had an undergrad cgpa of 3.3 and a low B+ law school average but landed multiple offers in the recruit. As long as you have decent law grades and a good resume, I don't think undergrad matters that much.
  3. I agree with most of what was already said: grades first, job experience helps, ECs are good too... The one thing I'll add (forgive me if it was already mentioned and I missed it) is have genuine interests. Things that are not only interesting to you but interesting for others to ask/hear about. These things will absolutely come up for in-firms, if not OCIs. Also, be ready to talk about these things. On my application, I mentioned that one of my hobbies was reviewing music; in one of my first in-firms, I had an interviewer ask me to "review" his favourite album. I genuinely think me being able to do that helped a lot.
  4. I worked part time (only like 7-10 hours/week) during 1L without issue. Still had more than enough time for my school work, moots/ECs, going out, etc. It was a good talking point for OCIs too.
  5. Can't speak to how much they actually care about the grades (I've been told they care very little, if at all) but I can say that my offer letter says I have to submit an updated transcript. National firm in Toronto - hope that helps.
  6. I received mine on thursday
  7. I find that law podcasts are super helpful in terms of understanding basic concepts and developing your mannerisms. These podcasts aren't always designed for professionals or students, so they don't presume a lot of legal knowledge. I really like: - Law in the Time of COVID-19 (McCarthy's) - Of Counsel (Robichaud) - The Law School Show (uOttawa alum/students)
  8. I think 2019 was about 3-4 weeks after offers, so I'm expecting end of month or early april
  9. Some firms are replacing meals/receptions with 30 minute "coffee chats", either over the phone or video calls. For most large firms your second interview will not occur on the same day as your first. I know of at least one mid-size firm which has said they may invite candidates back for second interviews on the same day.
  10. Most of the national firms have 4-5 candidates per position. Check how many each hired (ultra vires report) and multiply by 4.5
  11. Not yet I was hoping to soon so I'll let you know if anything
  12. To my knowledge, they just keep calling or they try some other candidates and come back to you. If you're on their "list" your spot probably won't be given up until you've rejected it. Maybe if you don't pick up for like half an hour (just guessing) they move on so keep your phone with you.
  13. Any idea why they're asking for dietary restrictions? Given that their website says everything will be virtual, I'm guessing they copied chunks of last year's email and forgot to change it. Anybody heard otherwise?
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