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  1. Very few live on an on-campus building such as grad house. I believe most students have roommates.
  2. Most UofT 1L's live near campus. It is expensive, but considering that 1L grades are arguably the most important set of grades you are ever going to receive, some see it as being worth it because of how draining a daily commute can be.
  3. How will my GPA for my “Last 2” years be assessed? We define your last 2 years of university as your last 20 semestered courses for which you were assigned grades. (One year-long course counts as 2 semestered courses.) Summer terms are included. However, courses for which you received a Pass or Credit are not included, and we will not break up semesters. This means that if you did not take 5 courses per semester in your last 4 semesters of university, your “Last 2” may include academic terms that precede your third year of study (depending on your timeline and whether you were full- or part-time). If you apply to law school in your final year of university, we are likely to include your Fall term in the calculation of your “Last 2” years OR we may defer our final decision until your winter term grades arrive and include your entire fourth year in the “Last 2” calculation. This is a decision we make based on the strength of your academic record as a whole. https://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/admissions_FAQ/grades_and_courses.html
  4. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do about this without running afoul or being dishonest. I think most will tell you to use the savings to pay off some of your OSAP debt. That's about all you can do. However, you only need to declare those savings once. So you're bursaries for first year will likely be affected but not for second and third year. Bursaries are designed to fill a real financial gap for those who cannot afford the full tuition and that's how you should view them. They don't exist to give free rides to people who otherwise have the means to pay some if not all of their tuition.
  5. You can just send the updated transcripts now. They don't care about the class averages. I'd assume you'd still technically be enrolled until you convocate but you should contact admissions to make sure although I don't think it's a big issue if you get it wrong.
  6. Assuming you're in 4th year of your bachelor's, I don't think they'll consider these grades because they won't be part of your B3 since you haven't completed the year. So I wouldn't worry about it.
  7. There's a million past threads on this. But with few exceptions, most schools don't care what you did your undergrad in and will take your GPA at face value.
  8. Not sure about the in house question. But pretty sure compensation is the same at mid market firms for associates compared to national firms. I have heard that partner compensation probably is less but that's something no one really talks about because it's so variable regardless.
  9. They post actual stats too for the latest entering class...
  10. Did you not see the stats they have on the admissions page?
  11. It boggles my mind why people with really strong stats post chances threads. I understand that if you're close or well below the medians, you might need some words of encouragement or a realistic opinion on your chances but this... I don't know if insensitive is the correct word or lack of self-awareness but it just comes off wrong. Not to mention the posting of multiple threads and considering a 3.69 as a low cGPA.
  12. Law Enforcement, Teaching, Firefighting, Transit Driver, CPA, CFA, anything in computer science, realtor, any trade where you're running your own business (plumbing, electrical, carpentry, HVAC), any sales job, consulting, i-banking, Private equity, etc. Idk if any of these are necessarily easier, but from an educational perspective, there's less debt and resistance involved.
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