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  1. I don't know where to start. But maybe first ask yourself what you are interested in and go from there. You're still in second year, and if career prospects are on your mind, maybe transfer into a different program or hell even start a new one. Either way, it'd be better than dropping 100k and 3 years of your life down the line on something you're not even remotely interested in. You could also double major in something more employable such as math, stats, econ or comp sci if they let you.
  2. Dont bother cancelling, they wouldn't care if it drops the second time.
  3. You have a good chance at Ottawa and Windsor. Worst case scenario with Queens and Westerm is you getting waitlisted and then maybe getting accepted when your 4th year marks come in. Oz and UofT are unlikely without you rewriting LSAT.
  4. I think your chances are 50/50 assuming your personal statement and softs are good.
  5. Assuming you are in 4th year, they won't see your 4th year grades. What is your actual L2 (second and third year)?
  6. They look at best 3 years. At this point, mathematically speaking, even if you get a 4.0 in your next two years, your GPA will still be below their median of 3.83. Considering this, getting in with an LSAT below 166 would be very unlikely. I would consider other law schools that only look at last/best 2 years like western and queens.
  7. I'd do the dual one at uottawa. US schools outside of T3-T6 are generally frowned upon by Canadian law firms. That being said, if you want to start your own practice then it doesn't really matter what school you choose.
  8. Don't go to uoft law but have talked with their admissions at length about this very issue as I was in the same position. They essentially said that its insignificant if the rest of your application is strong. They will probably only consider it if you are a splitter and are looking for a reason not to admit you.
  9. This post was for Osgoode admissions not Ottawa.
  10. Generally, having a cGPA and LSAT below the medians (3.69,160) makes admission very unlikely.
  11. I have been accepted to a couple of law schools so far but have lately been thinking about if I am making a huge financial mistake. It's not that I am shallow or doing it for the money, but considering I come from a relatively poor background (have to finance my entire education and living expenses myself), have a significant amount of undergrad debt and will add on an extra 100k for law school only to graduate and make a little above the median income in Canada. I live in the GTA and would like to make a down payment on a modest home someday but becoming a lawyer may delay that a decade or so. What should I do? Is pursuing big law the only financially responsible thing to do or should I pursue other careers? For more context, I am graduating with a BSc soon and know it's not an attractive degree for jobs either.
  12. I can't give an accurate percentage but for context, people with your stats already got in.
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