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  1. Congrats!! So happy for you! Have you received an email yet or just the change on uoZone?
  2. When was the email sent saying you had been sent to ad com? If it was less than 24 hours ago, I'd say give it a day or two to refresh. If it's been more than a few days, call them.
  3. I read somewhere that someone was told it takes about 4-6 weeks for a decision to be made but I called right now and was told it all depends on how long the committee decides to take on reviewing your application. Not sure what to do with this information now lol
  4. I just took a look past years as well and see the same thing. For the Ottawa 2018 cycle, it seems that several people received acceptances around April 11-16
  5. When do people think the next wave of acceptances will be for Ottawa, if there will be one? I'm assuming they'll send one out soon because of the April 1st deadline but I'm not sure how it has worked in previous years. Just sitting here stressed about it like everyone else
  6. I've seen a bunch of articles on 7sage, lawschooli etc about sending LOCI's when waitlisted but I'm under the impression that this an acceptable practice in the US and not in Canada. Is this something Canadian law admissions committees would look positively upon or would it just look desperate?
  7. It never hurts to call the schools and ask them I'm planning on calling UOttawa tomorrow because I'm considering this path as well so I'll keep you updated!
  8. When were you referred to ad com? Curious to see how long it takes for a decision to be made
  9. I only applied to the single JD but I genuinely think they just haven't gotten to your application yet for either degree. Hang tight and good luck! I found this on their Dual JD FAQ but I'm not sure how valuable this information is: Admission procedures for these Programs operate separately and independently of each other and the Admissions Committee for each program evaluates applications separately and independently of each other, as well. Admission (or rejection) to one of those law programs does not automatically mean admission (or rejection) to the other.
  10. Annnnnd I'm referred - admission committee now
  11. Anyone still pending review? I've resorted to just waiting for an email rather than checking my status at this point
  12. Honestly have no idea. I don't think they're going by stats though because a few of my friends with lower stats than me have been accepted already
  13. Curious because I've seen a range of stats get accepted this year. Extensive EC's, strong LOR's and PS tailored towards Uottawa as my first choice.
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