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  1. Honestly have no idea. I don't think they're going by stats though because a few of my friends with lower stats than me have been accepted already
  2. Curious because I've seen a range of stats get accepted this year. Extensive EC's, strong LOR's and PS tailored towards Uottawa as my first choice.
  3. From your stats alone, you definitely have a chance for Ottawa and Windsor. Not sure where you applied though. People with those stats have gotten accepted with those stats before so it's possible. Keep in mind that we're only about halfway through acceptances for the majority of schools so it could be that the admissions team hasn't looked at your application yet. A back up plan is never a bad idea though! I'm in the same boat as you with a lower LSAT score
  4. Just a general question because I am considering going back and taking post-graduate courses. Does anyone know how schools view these courses? Like to what extent do these extra courses count because it would be obvious that the courses are being taken to increase GPA
  5. Probably - When I asked about status, the advisor said once it is "referred-admissions committee", they'll let you know if the application is missing anything or not. So from that indication, I'm assuming they haven't considered the application yet.
  6. An update for those still pending review: I called yesterday and the advisor told me they have around 2000 applications and they've only gone through about half of those. She also told me to check every 2 weeks (I've been psycho checking lol). She also reassured me that the classes will not fill up completely until each application is considered. We're still in the game!
  7. Definitely not. I called the admissions team yesterday, and the advisor said they're only about halfway through looking at all the applications and she said there were about 2000 applications for a team of 5. She also said that the classes will not fill up until each application has been considered. Just gotta play the waiting game now!
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