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  1. LG - Powerscore LG bible to get the fundamentals down, and then I drilled by question type on 7sage, and then timed sections which I consistently got 0 to -4 on (never really cracked the rule substitution questions) LR - The Loophole by Ellen Cassidy - she really breaks down each question type stimulus, answer choices, and strategy that just makes it easier to understand. The book is super engaging with drills and pop culture references that made it fun to study lol. After going through the book, I did timed sections on 7sage as well as drilling question types I was weak at. RC - I never used a prep book but I did use these tips that others provided me, https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/66297-help-reading-comp/?tab=comments#comment-891021 I went from a -21 on my worst RC section to a -7 on my best RC section. Still not the best, but following these tips alone helped me significantly. I also had a strategy to do three passages instead of four if I was slow on time. I found this helpful because I was able to be more accurate on three passages instead of rushing through four with lower accuracy on individual passages. After understanding each sections fundamentals and strategies, I did practice tests every few days in strict test conditions. I recently wrote the Jan test using these strategies, I didn't get the most amazing score but I got a score I am happy with! If I don't get in this cycle I will prep for the LSAT more. I think the most important thing is finding prep materials that work specifically for you. My biggest learning lesson through this process was that if something isn't working, it is okay to try other strategies
  2. I feel you - I also consistently scored really really low, while my peers who started studying the same time as me would get amazing PT scores. My biggest issue was that I always rushed my studying just to say I studied for the day. This had a really big impact on actually understanding the fundamentals of LG, LR, & RC. I also want to note that you should find a way to study that works for you. I took a prep course (Harvard Ready) but zoom fatigue got to me and I wasn't able to focus during lessons. Once I bombed my first take - I knew I had to do to things completely differently, so I took a different approach of really learning the fundamentals through self studying and I saw 10-15 point improvement. You are in a good spot because it is easier to prep to raise your low score than it is to raise a score in the high 160s/low 170s I recommend The Loophole for LR, it really helped me!
  3. This guideline is so helpful, thanks for this! Thank you so much! Both of your points were super helpful, I will try out these strategies!
  4. I just took a reading comp section and completely bombed it. I have no strategy/know what to look for to be honest, so I think I need to start from the fundamentals. Can anyone recommend a prep book or any strategies that helped? I also have 7sage, would appreciate any tips, thanks!
  5. No, I have a 160 on file - which may or may not get me in because my B2 GPA is very borderline, like my LSAT. I feel like I'm barely in the safe zone. Life got in the way so February is my next chance to improve my score. I just wanted to give it my all for this cycle instead of having to spend $$ to reapply next year.
  6. I know Queen's accepts it, but I was just wondering if anyone has ever been accepted with their February score for the same cycle they applied? Would writing in February put me at a disadvantage? The scores release on March 10th
  7. i think it should be fine! i didnt specify, i dont think they'd want you to waste characters specifying which question it is
  8. Does anyone know if you have to provide supporting documentation for the special circumstances category? Originally I was not going to apply to Ottawa, but I thought to under this category to explain my bad first year due to familial and mental health issues. I saw a therapist, which helped things and my grades improved, but I don't have actual proof of the visit. I'm not sure if this even counts for special circumstances, should I just apply under general?
  9. also, can this question be interpreted as your own work of art? painting is my hobby and i have developed useful skills because of it. but not sure if its appropriate to talk about a piece i painted?
  10. Really? I may also re-write again in January if it's necessary. Does anyone know if January LSAT is too late? Like I know many schools take the score, but does indicating January on my application put me at a disadvantage in terms of the timing of the rounds of offers?
  11. Oh and my B3 is a 3.7, I don't think that is competitive at all for UofT?
  12. I was in a program that wasn't right for me and low mental health/motivation, which put me at risk for academic probation. My first year gpa was a 1.7 and my final year gpa was a 3.93, my grades increased significantly each semester.
  13. Just trying to finalize the list of schools I'm going to apply to, I really don't want to waste money on applications I have no chance at. I was planning on applying everywhere in Ontario except Lakehead because it's too far from home. My cgpa is a 3.17, L2/B2 is a 3.77 and my LSAT is a 160, I am rewriting in November and hoping for at least a 165. I think I have decent softs/personal statements/letters of rec and my transcript shows a very dramatic upwards trend.
  14. so im about two months till the LSAT and i feel like im focusing too much on finishing all the homework on time for the prep class im in than actually progressing my diagnostics. does anyone have any experience with the blind review method? how effective would it be if i just used this method to prep for the next two months? also, any other suggestions on what to do for the next two months leading up to the lsat?
  15. I agree! @Husns I haven't been through the admissions process yet but just like @sundude and @Tantalizer I have also been lurking and checking your posts, and I am rooting for you! . You have way more people rooting for you than the keyboard warriors who made second accounts to say stuff to you. Says more about their character than anything else - I wish them luck for the future if they are so easily offended, hurt and upset by an anonymous online forum and posts that literally have nothing to do with them. Please stick around, but if you think not logging on would be better for your own mental health by all means do that, but make the decision for yourself, not others! I personally like reading your posts and even look for updates from you, I wish you luck this cycle and hoping for the best
  16. Has anyone here registered for the August LSAT yet? I only see 9 locations available for all of Ontario so I don't know if I messed up and tried to register too late so spots filled up. I live just outside of the GTA and the only option that is still kind of far for me is the Toronto location. I don't know if I should just register for this one, does LSAC typically release more locations later on? I can't tell if I am late to register or early lol. Or do they have such a limited amount of locations because August is suspected to be an LSAT Flex?
  17. Sorry I meant some schools may have a more holistic approach in assessing applicants because of the pandemic... but this was a guess based on my conversation with someone who is on an admissions committee for a small graduate program which obviously isn't the same as law school admissions. What do you think will happen with the next cycle?
  18. As a borderline candidate for next cycle this makes me feel extremely stressed I was talking to my professor (who is on an admissions committee for a masters program) about this and she said that no matter what, admission committees won't assess the applicant pool next year like previous regular years because of the current circumstances... so although a lot more people would be applying, schools will hopefully factor in the surge of applicants and be fair in assessing everyone? I have no idea. But hoping for the best!
  19. For those who have taken this course, do you think it's sufficient enough alone or did you use other material alongside the Harvard Ready course books/lessons to study? Given I treat the course and homework like a full time job until the August LSAT, do you think that is enough to get my desired score or should I be doing more?
  20. I know it's early but I was just thinking of who I am going to ask for a letter of recommendation for the next cycle. Does the "level" of career matter of the person writing your letter of rec? For example, this past year I had a PhD student instructor who I worked really close with and would be able to write a quality letter. On the other hand, I know professors that I haven't worked as close with but have been in the field for decades, with numerous publications/achievements and are notable in the field I studied during undergrad. The reason why I'm asking is because I once asked a professor for a reference letter for an internship but he told me I would be "better off" asking someone else who has been teaching in my department for a number of years because he was a sessional professor. I'd assume that law schools would care more about the quality of the letter despite who it comes from, but I just wanted to make sure.
  21. Thanks for the responses, I guess I feel somewhat better since I have a significant upwards trend with my first semester of university being a 0.7 (due to various factors) and with my most recent semester being a 3.9, so hopefully the admissions committee will see that. I just need to figure out if it is worth it to come back for another year to raise my cGPA if I am only applying to L2/B2 schools (3.75).
  22. Concerned about my chances for next cycle because of a low cGPA but here are my stats: 3.1 cGPA 3.75 L2/B2 160 LSAT Should I aim for a higher LSAT since I feel like I am really borderline?
  23. Sorry for the stupid question but I purchased the Powerscore trilogy and I'm not sure how to go about it. For those who have previously self studied, did you take thorough detailed notes from the books or did you simply just read the book itself and internalize it? Sorry if I don't make much sense I'm just confused on where and how to start.
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