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  1. Thank you, that is really helpful advice!
  2. I have an extremely low cGPA because of a bad first year, right now it is about a 2.95 with an upwards trend and I just finished third year. My third year gpa is about a 3.7ish so I will only be applying to L2/B2 schools. Since I will only be eligible for L2 schools, would it be worth it to take additional summer classes to boost my cGPA a couple of decimal points or, would it be more worth it to dedicate my entire summer to studying for a high LSAT score that would help me overcome the low cGPA? I know schools like Western place an emphasis on L2, but they also don't ignore cGPA so that is why I'm confused about what to do and where more of my time should be focused right now as its the last summer before I graduate that I can take courses to boost my cGPA.
  3. Hi guys, I am starting the journey of studying for the LSAT and wanted some insight on the PowerScore Bibles + Workbooks. Does the year of them matter? I am studying for the September 2019 LSAT and I found a deal for the 2015 PowerScore Books, but is that edition too old and should I buy the newer edition books?
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