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  1. In what world is the "end of the day" 11 pm LOL I mean you're probably right, but I'm shocked that it's 5:01pm and there is no answer either way.
  2. Has anyone heard about more acceptances, waitlists, or rejections yet? It's literally 4pm on March 19th and it's been radio silence since October 31st deadline.
  3. Seems super silly that some acceptances came out on Wednesday and radio silence yesterday/today. Why are they playing us like this?? I just want to have a nice weekend and find out either way
  4. There was an acceptance today 3/14 per the accepted thread. I don't think it's a one-day thing.
  5. I don't see any other posts about this. U of T is the only school I'm waiting on to hear back. Anyone have any idea when round 3 acceptances are going out? It's practically mid-March!
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