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  1. Thank you for your input! To answer your question re what I think will be different: I think that working with clients facing hardships in the immigration system and having the opportunity to mitigate these hardships would really satiate my sense of "career fulfillment." This is sometimes possible to some extent in the policy world, but not to the same extent (I think) as it would be in a legal capacity. I might just be at a different stage in my life, but so far, I have gained the most fulfillment from doing well in school, and now, doing well in my job. I'm not sure that this will hold true as I get older, but it's certainly the feeling right now.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm going to try to keep this post vague on details for anonymity purposes. I was accepted this cycle to an Ontario law school, and I am so torn on if I should accept the offer and attend. I currently work in the policy world (in a field where I received my Masters in) and I am making great money in this role. There is certainly room for growth, job protection, fantastic work/life etc. There are parts of the job that I do enjoy, but I largely feel "empty" in this role. I always had aspirations of practicing law, even when I graduated from grad school and accepted this job offer, I knew that I still wanted to attend Law School in the near future. My judgement isn't clouded with the "prestige" narrative of being a lawyer. For the last several years, I have been intrigued by immigration law/policy, but I understand that these interests may change. However, I truly do feel that I would be fulfilling my professional dream by becoming a lawyer in this area. I am just so torn on this decision. I realize the ridiculous opportunity cost associated with forgoing 3 years of income and attending law school, but I just don't want to live a life where everyday I regret not attempting to pursue this dream. I feel like staying in my current role and field would be the "safest" option, but like I mentioned, I don't want to live a life of regret. Any advice, insight, and critical feedback would be very much appreciated.
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