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  1. Quit articling? That doesn’t sound too smart seeing as it’s required to become licensed ...
  2. I’m not sure! I only heard they were all hired back. Cassels today as well apparently.
  3. Fasken your seatbelts - all current students are being hired back.
  4. Same ... Associate pay needs to go up big time
  5. Current Big Law articling students - What are some tips / advice you have for dealing with burnout? It’s been a long 7 months siloed off alone working these nuts hours ...
  6. https://www.lawverse.ca/post/10-quotes-from-ruth-bader-ginsburg-to-inspire-every-law-student
  7. instead of PFO let’s use FOAD (Fuck Off and Die)
  8. Actually hearing another bumped to $1900 per week now.
  9. Rumour has it a second Sister firm is following suit.
  10. I will be summering at a large Bay St. firm in Toronto this May. Is it frowned upon to request one day off? Thanks in advance.
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