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  1. J'ai demandé et ils m'ont envoyé: http://www.umoncton.ca/umcm-fass-langues/testdeclassement.
  2. I see it under the admission file section. It shows the programs that I applied to and then when I click on them, they show check marks for each of the requirements. Including the LSAT.
  3. Yes, I'm still "under evaluation"
  4. Yes, I took the Jan LSAT and it updated on both Uozone and OLSAS about a week after LSAC gave me my score.
  5. Moi non plus. J'ai entendu que ca prend plusieurs semaines pour recevoir la lettre officielle.
  6. Hello all! First thread that I've made, I thought I'd make one for 2019. I received an "admission anticipée" from Moncton yesterday!
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