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  1. damn this sucks for people who are still waiting. I do not want to have to wait up to May to decide my future...but then again nothing is for certain in life...what's a few more months? -.-
  2. I think they're accepting applicants with either a high GPA or a high LSAT. It's a little shitty because I'm like "good" on GPA and "good" on LSAT but anyways, it is what it is! But not super strong in either one of these categories...Gotta wait it out and see how it goes down.
  3. @RJar I don't think so. I just think they're behind in admissions in general right now. Waitlisted applicants usually find out in May. I wonder what will happen this time.
  4. Sorry I should have been more clear. Exactly what @Mkeats said. They will teleconference to discuss special consideration applicants.
  5. Hey guys, In midst of the news circulating about COVID-19, I had a lot of time to think about my future plans for next year, so I decided to give Leanne a ring to see if our admissions process would be delayed. Good news - It won't affect us since the admissions committee reviews the files individually (enough social distancing), so it should still be going ahead as planned. They might teleconference in re special considerations applicants. Still discussion happening on that. We'll see how this changes though but that was what I was told from her right now. Thanks!
  6. @Schooliscool no I didn’t I applied around mid November
  7. Wow this is amazing @DataAnalyzer. Thank you so much :)
  8. I called Leanne and for me she said I'd hear back sometime in March. I also got the 'Pending Decision' notification about a couple of weeks ago.
  9. Yes they do! Best to phone them and ask. Leanne is pretty good at letting people know what they are.
  10. Hi there, I have a 3.72 gpa and a 155 lsat. What are my chances of getting accepted? I was waitlisted last year with a 149. My EC's and work experience/volunteering are pretty decent. Volunteered quite a bit on a non-profit and as a policy member for workplace and social dev. for a city board (want to go into employment law), organized community events and worked full time in the legal field for the past 3 years.
  11. I’m debating on whether retaking the test in september will be beneficial for me or if I should head on abroad. This be my third time applying. I’m a little nervous as this is a super competitive process. It was pretty crushing to not get in again
  12. Got rejected today and knocked off the waitlist. I can definitely relate to the frustration and anxiety I see on this waitlist. I’ve been rejected two cycles so it’s disheartening. But some of the best and greatest people are made by going through the worst of struggles. So I hope that we don’t lose that light and know that you are extremely talented (my stats weren’t even as comparable) and that it’ll work out when it’s meant to 😊
  13. Me too! I think at this point it might be time to assume the worst and either prepare for the next cycle or go abroad if law school is still an option.
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