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  1. Hey guys, I wanted to step back and see what feedback people provided before responding in kind to some. Thank you everyone on this forum for providing me your honest input πŸ™‚ Good or bad, I prefer hearing the truth. 100%. I can only gain insight but the call is definitely mine. Every choice has sacrifices and have to see how those weigh against what I deeply want. Hey @canuckfanatic good to hear from a TRU grad! We've chatted a few times & it makes me happy that you enjoyed the experience because moving out to Kamloops (when this pandemic ends) is part of the nerves. Yes, you're right, I've been a silent observer and seen the pros and cons in the industry, so I got my reality check. I've worked as legal support in a variety of roles (temping/legal admin/admin/legal coordinator) to law firms (small-large). I am now working for a nursing regulator in the regulatory compliance dept so I'm working with lawyers and investigators in a non-legal setting. One good thing about failure is it teaches you how to get better. Yes, going to law school and seeing how I like it is definitely is an option. Hey @Diplock, no offence taken and thank you for the insight! You're really good at reading in between the lines because she does come from that background. Taking the plunge with no guarantees isn't ideal but you're right the stories we tell ourselves about wealth can perpetuate our reality. My interest always seems to comes back to legal-related stuff even in the most unlikely of circumstances. I did a business/HR diploma in my gap years just to try it out after my BA to find that the courses I was most into were business law and employment law and the sheer # of times taking the LSAT because I actually enjoyed it when I could have been like peace out (5) is another example. Someone recommended 'Getting to Maybe' so I'll give that a read, and go with my gut
  2. Hi there, I got into TRU law for this September. This is amaaazing news for me since I have been trying for 3 years to get in. I've been one of those kids wanting this since high school and even kept calling the admissions office time and time again. Even the lawyers at my workplace think 'I should be in law school already'. However, lately... I'm on the fence of going. It's a huge financial commitment and one that I do not take lightly. I actually had HR as a back up in case I didn't get in this year (surprise surprise on what type of law appeals to me). I've worked up enough $ to save up for a year's tuition and met lawyers in the practice area I wish to pursue. It could possibly be that the reality is kicking in and I'm getting cold feet of spending this much on my own. Maybe it could be that my mom's pessimism on spending money with no guarantees is rubbing off on me (she's always hated the idea of me spending $ on more schooling as opposed to just working in a field with guarantees). But the indecision of it all is making me feel guilty (knowing there are others waiting for spots to open and I feel for applicants waiting) and stressed and blessed at all once. Any good way to make this call?
  3. Thank you all for getting this discussion going! I literally share the same concerns. I am SO HAPPY that I got in - I felt that all my years working post-graduation have been building me up for this. Now that I have gotten in and with COVID-19 impacting my family's income, I am sharing the same concerns on attending law school. I come from a lower middle-class background and my parents were actually against me (most notably my mom) on going to law school in the first place. She came in with concerns about me making it or not but ultimately has now left it to me to decide when she saw how stubborn I was about going. I have also applied to other opportunities (back ups if I didn't get in anywhere) and actually heard back from the Canada govt on an HR advisor job but with COVID that actually halted the process. Maybe it's fate that this happened so that I go into law all-in.
  4. Not a dumb question, so yes it is. If you are too far down the waitlist, and there's not much movement, you can get bumped off the waitlist. It happened to me last year. Keep in mind I had a really low LSAT score: a 150.
  5. Thank you for checking @member123456 πŸ™‚
  6. No, I don't think it's a good idea. it says a mandatory English and French knowledge of the language. Your application will probably get thrown out. I come from an HR background.
  7. Yeah I live in Vancouver and am contemplating what to do as well... this is a tough one. Because what if we get there in winter and there have been students already living out there?
  8. I absolutely recommend 7Sage. It helped me get decent on the LG and boosted my LR that I needed to get into law school! I went from low 140's to the mid and late 150's. This is coming from someone who kept taking the LSAT and froze up time and time again... I thought it was virtually impossible but 7Sage and a strong mental state really helped me out.
  9. The one pro - think of all the rent and groceries we'll save if we went online....
  10. Not sure either... it appears other schools are going online like UVic. Just got an email from TRU saying the same thing as you posted. Maybe they’ll let us know within a week or two?
  11. Hi guys, After a couple of rejections, I have FINALLY been accepted into TRU Law. I can't help but feel nervous from hearing all the news and what its effects will be on the new generation of lawyers especially as we recover from the 2008 recession. I know why and what I will do in the legal profession (an employment lawyer in a mid-sized firm ideally) and have worked in an administrative capacity for the past three years since graduating, so I know what I'm getting into and it's definitely been a dream of mine. I guess you could say I'm becoming more aware of the reality and getting a case of 'cold feet'. Thoughts??
  12. I can definitely ECHO THIS STATEMENT. Do not give up guys! Anything can happen in these next few weeks.. don't lose hope
  13. I'm pretty sure you guys there will be one more wave! And then a waitlist at the end of the month or early May at the latest. Don't lose hope.
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