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  1. As a follow-up, I accepted a paid position from a promising personal injury firm just now. Thank you all for your sound advice.
  2. I turned down this offer earlier today. Thank you all for your input.
  3. It's a posted position. It didn't say that it was unpaid until I was emailed about it after I applied.
  4. Thanks for the replies thus far. I had poor grades in second year (at UT) and judging by the limited number of positions posted online, I’m afraid of not being able to find one. This is why I’ve been desperate.
  5. Yeah, the “trial” doesn’t count as part of articling. So only if I “succeed” the one week period will the firm commit to offering me articling.
  6. Yes I’m in 3L, and getting a little desperate.
  7. Hey guys, First time posting here. During an articling interview last week I was offered a "trial period" of one week (which the firm assess your performance before committing to a 10-month term). This is an unpaid articling position. I am wondering if this is "standard" practice and the likelihood of survival. Any insights would be much appreciated!
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