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  1. I'm hosting a meetup in Downtown Toronto for Saturday, August 10th, 2019. Time is pending (as there seems to be an evening and afternoon group forming) so I'll likely be present all afternoon to meet people! PM me with your Lakehead Email (To verify you're a student) and I'll send any future students the details. looking forward to meeting you all!
  2. Good Morning everyone! I've made an unaffiliated Discord group for all 1L students. Currently it's a bare skeleton permissions list with separate chat rooms for each class. However by the end of the summer I hope to have it fully fleshed out with discord bots, schedules, class information and assignment notices alongside the discussion rooms. If you are attending Thunder Bay for Law this coming September and want to join the discord, send me a message containing your school email and I will send you the discord link privately. Best of luck to all future students and applicants!
  3. I am also! If any GTA future students want to do a prior meetup, send me a message!
  4. Hello everyone! i just spent the weekend up at Thunder Bay getting my rental and lay of the land. I noticed there was a Fit4Less in the lower part of the city, and a AnytimeFitness to the North. Unfortunately both the Law Campus and Fieldhouse were locked when I visited but what facilities does Lakehead have? Thank you!
  5. Plenty of it. Worked part-time as a secretary since 16 (Total 6 years), plus 1 year of fulltime work. Volunteer was with the LGBT community since World Pride 2014 in Toronto (3 organizations, 1 on University campus).
  6. Rejected this morning. LSAT: 146/158 GPA: 3.23 Really heartbroken. But I guess all I can do is keep tackling the wall.
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