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  1. I would like to revive this topic to ask a similar question. I have a day job that pays the bills but also leaves me with a fair bit of free time, which I would like to find a meaningful way to fill. I have no intention of leaving my job, so law school is out of the question, but I have a deep interest in the law and am considering a part-time career as a paralegal. My question for those on here who have experience in the field is, will I be likely to find work or will I be wasting my time? My goal would be to start a solo practice once I have obtained enough experience. I would be willing to do plenty of volunteer, pro bono work, etc. to gain experience. I live in the GTA and I believe my areas of interest would be employment law, human rights law, or LTB. I normally work 5 days on 4 off, and on work days I still have a few hours free. Not too worried about the financial aspect here; I’m fine with taking a bit of a loss for the first few years, and after that I’m happy if my practice pays for itself plus a little extra. Thank you in advance for taking the time.
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